Key Blog stopped: Darker Net is going dark – bye, bye…

Darker Net is going dark – bye, bye…

Darker Net is closing down – going dark – going off the grid entirely – though we may reincarnate – in another time, in another place and with another name, so expect us… Meanwhile, after heading south and crossing two borders we are now approaching our destination – Chiapas – where we intend to stay for a while, perhaps indefinitely. Below, are some of the ‘highlights’ of the Darker Net ‘project’, together with closing remarks re some of the ‘themes’ we covered: above, is a video whereby at long last our true political philosophy is revealed!

Darker Net Continue reading “Key Blog stopped: Darker Net is going dark – bye, bye…”

Anonymous – We Stand United

by  Most importantly, you’re being urged to realize we’re all brothers and sisters, one species, connected by the basic instincts we have to socialize and protect one another. 2012 is not the year we wake up as a group, or a country, or even a planet, 2012 is the year we wake up as a species. However this can only be done if you want it to be, you hold the power in your hands.

Greetings citizens of the world, you’ve most likely heard of the recent exposure of the global security network called TrapWire. You may have also heard of the recent developments concerning the NDAA (or National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2012). As time goes on it gets more evident that our situation is getting worse…. Continue reading “Anonymous – We Stand United”

Trapwire is watching us… Wikileaks vs. the CIA.. ‘Smash A Cam Saturday’

Wikileaks has exposed Trapwire, which is a giant Global snooping system set up in 2004 by ex CIA agents and linked to millions of cameras and supercomputers.

In theory Trapwire is to detect potential terrorists, by spotting them doing the planning, thus cashing in on the multi billion antiterrorist budget.

In practive terrorists are rarer than dodos..If, like the NYT says, TrapWire is “Counter-Terrorism” software, how do we explain THIS 2nd August 2010 internal Stratfor email, which states, “they (San Francisco) need something like TrapWire more for threats from activists than from terror threats. Both are useful, but activists are ever-present around here.” Continue reading “Trapwire is watching us… Wikileaks vs. the CIA.. ‘Smash A Cam Saturday’”

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