Bankrupt Spain? Defense budget increased by 30%!

The Ministry of Defense budget increases by almost 30%
by Miguel Gonzalez
For this business as there is always money, and lots of it ‘escapes’ into the p0ckets of politicians and all their crony business criminals of the booming mass murder industry.
Despite the closure of hospitals and firing of 1000’s of teachers the defense budget for this year has experienced a sudden increase of 28.21%. The Cabinet approved an extraordinary credit of 1,782 million euros for arms programs.

General Strike?? YES YES.. but lets stop this madness!..

Defense may not, however, order new orders, but devoted the money to pay debts. When he appeared in Congress to explain his department’s budget last April, Secretary of State for Defence, Pedro Argüelles, and recognized a gap of 2,370 million between scheduled departure and payment obligations and announced the opening of talks with Ministries of Finance, Economy and Industry to find a solution.The difference between 1782 and 2370 million approved is covered by the 309 million approved earlier this year by the Council of Ministers, Industry 198 which plans to provide in this exercise military industries and 4.95 included in the defense budget itself. Other 76 remain pending correspond to material not yet delivered.

If this had been included in the budgets, the Defense chapter would have added 8.098 million, an increase of 16.88% compared to 2011, instead of the 8.84% decrease.

Vice President Soraya Saenz de Santamaria said that it is “already made deliveries” and commitments with suppliers in 2010

The NGO Justice and Peace  (Justicia i Pau) has presented  the report ‘The military-industrial complex. A parasite in the Spanish economy ‘, in which it criticizes the high burden of the military industry for the Spanish economy  and warns that this has caused a “military bubble”.
There has been a bubble through a “creative mechanism” initiated by the state in 1996 that left an accumulated debt of 37,000 million to the Ministry of Defence.
The companies refuse to return the credit to industry-estimated at 15,000 million euros, until they pay the defense weaponry, which the researchers have created a system that “hides the real economy” and works on money that does not exist.

and 2011, in the socialist stage, whose payment was “unavoidable”.

The lion’s share will go to the manufacturer consortium European combat aircraft or Eurofighter, but also  amounts allocated to Tiger attack helicopter, the 155 Howitzer, the Leopard tank or the Maritime Action Ship.

With this extraordinary credit, Defence sources said, the counter is reset and it will be possible to renegotiate the outstanding bill medium and long term, totaling between 27,000 and 30,000 million euros. “This is to regain credibility with international consortia to negotiate commitments to reduce, by cutting orders, the postponement of delivery or sale of equipment to third countries”, according to government sources. The Government argues that this credit will not increase the deficit, because the military equipment had been delivered and the price included as debt (and therefore deficits) in government accounts. Why not then include payments for A400M transport aircraft or submarine S-80, not yet delivered.

The sources insisted that, if not attended these payments would have been due Defense penalties for breach of contract and would have jeopardized the survival of many companies.

Para según que negocios siempre hay dinero: el presupuesto de Defensa para este año experimentó un súbito incremento del 28,21%. El Consejo de Ministros aprobó un crédito extraordinario de 1.782 millones de euros para programas de armamento.

El presupuesto de Defensa para este año experimentó un súbito incremento del 28,21%. El Consejo de Ministros aprobó un crédito extraordinario de 1.782 millones de euros para programas de armamento. Defensa no podrá, sin embargo, encargar nuevos pedidos, sino que dedicará ese dinero al pago de deudas pendientes.


War ?? What is it good for??



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