Slutwalk London means Speak UP ..Sat 22nd

Download our poster! Please share and come to SlutWalk London 2012. We still really need funds to make this event happen, so please donate here.

“It took the police two and a half years to arrest/sentence the man who raped me,who stole my virginity, In that time he managed to ruin 6 other girls lives. He spend just 7 months in prison. But that isnt the worst part the fact that people posted on his Facebook telling everyone that he was innocent and that the ‘victims’ were making it up, still not being the worst part The worst part is that i still see him walking around in the streets where i use to live I am not a victim i am a survivor.”

SlutWalk London: Rape Survivors Speak Out

WE ALL WANT JUSTICE AND PROTECTION FROM RAPE. Sign our petition to protect all rape survivors and prosecute rapists.

“We got told that he would be arrested 2 weeks after I made the allegation. It took 4 months. In that time they called me in and the detective sat me down and asked me how a teenage child could understand what rape was and that I had to take responsibility for my actions that night.”

“You feel that if I report this, where am I going to live? How am I going to survive? Who is going to look after me? Because the government has already washed their hands of me. When you do get the courage to report, the first thing you get when you go to the police station is ‘what is your status?’ Then they’re calling the UK Border Agency. Before you know it you’ve been raped, you’ve been sexually violated, and you find yourself in the back of the van back to the detention centre.”

“I don’t like the term victims because we’re still here. We are survivors. Every day we are getting out of bed – or sometimes not – but every day we are making it through another day and that makes us strong and it makes us survivors.”

A film by SlutWalk London with Women Against Rape and Black Women’s Rape Action Project, and the English Collective of Prostitutes.


“I’m marching at Slutwalk this year because too many of my friends have been raped. I’m marching because a good friend of mine was sexually assaulted by a police officer for being punk and transgender on the day of last year’s Royal Wedding, and because it looks like they will never face justice. And I’m marching because I have never been to a protest as friendly and sex-positive as Slutwalk London 2011.”

Why I am marching at SlutWalk 2012

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