Debating Creative Feminist Tactics: Moran and Femen

[link] You don’t need an MA in gender studies to know that race matters to feminism

rebblogged with thanks from  slendermeans creative tactics are renewing Feminism and exposing the stench of privilege and social abuse of women..

A couple of weeks ago, columnist Caitlin Moran interviewed Lena Dunham, creator of HBO series Girls, set in multicultural New York. The ensuing row over Moran’s failure to challenge the show’s lack of racial diversity has been raging both on Twitter and the blogosphere. The continuing reactions and counter-reactions to Moran’s tweet about the showhave exposed a long-standing rift within the feminist movement running along race lines.

The most sustained critique of feminism has always been that it is a white, middle-class movement. This is not true. Women from all backgrounds stand up to the social forces around them and are engaged in feminist activism. The feminist story belongs to all women everywhere

FEMEN`s Creative Tactics.
Incredibly brave women have stood up to bullying State dictators and medieval christian Patriarchs. Media attention has focused on the tactic of
showing their breasts, but their radical tactics, like Pussy Riot’, go much wider and expose the rotten corrupt privilege behind generalized repression and exploitation of women.
Most Western feminists have welcomed the debate they have started, and the attention they have brought to a cause that has not dominated the news for decades.
Alice Schwarzer, editor of Germany’s leading feminist magazine, Emma, calls them “courageous and clever” as well as “creative”.
Despite condemning the exploitation of female nudity for much of her career, she put Femen on her front cover.
“The bare breast, which would normally objectify them, becomes a weapon for them,” she told the German journal Spiegel.

but that is not the impression you would receive from the mainstream media, where it seems that all feminists are concerned about is a particular type of woman, the kind that would benefit from there being an EU-wide 40% quota for women on boards, or has an overriding focus on body image and pornography. What is missing from these discussions is a consideration of race, poverty and discrimination, and how they work with gender to further oppress women.

Strikingly, the most recent incarnation of the debate within the mainstream media has been taking place in the main between white women who loosely agree with each other. It raises the question: why are dissenting voices by black women only on “marginal” forums? It means we keep entering the debate in an adversarial position. Our critique is yet again dismissed as the ravings of angry, selfish, black women willing to fragment the movement for their petty desires. It is disingenuous to suggest that the movement is fragmented anyway; why else would we be having this debate?

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