Wacko Osborne’s chop-happy Reality Show

832-OSBOURNE-lg-This week’s move by George Osborne to cap benefit rises below inflation at 1% is the final deadly touch in a toxic series of measures likely to lead to unprecedented homelessness in the UK.

Osborne’ announcements, bringing misery to millions, seem like a parody of the mad upper class Tory, they have found a hatchet man who gleefully enjoys his job!

The Chancellor’s decision came in the same week that Crisis released a report warning that street homelessness has risen by a shocking 23% in just one year.  Every other measure of homelessness has also soared recently with the numbers of homeless families in temporary accommodation up by 44%.

Despite criticism even in the rabid Tory ”press” he refused to apologise for laughing his way through the sadistic ‘kick-him-when-he’s-down’ mini budget…What fun to lock up squatters and make tens of thousand homeless cutting rent benefits. Then off for a jolly hunt with the Yanks in Syria! have to bomb them to oblivion first of course. Regrettable but…. can this  really be how British politicians think!!


by ianbone

And here is that very  horse paddock

Profit: The land Osborne bought with his property
Incredibly Osborne claimed mortgage payments on the land for use as a horse paddock in with his expense claims for the mortgage on his second home.
He is a multi-millionnaire – but we pay for his horse paddock!
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