Police Attack rallies Anarchists: Villa Amalias, Athens

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Police stormed the iconic Villa Amalias squat center in Athens, but left and released prisoners after a huge solidaritry response
Police stormed the iconic Villa Amalias squat center in Athens, but left and released prisoners after a huge solidaritry response

Athens: anarchist squat Villa Amalias raided by riot police

At approximately 07:00 GMT+2 on December 20th, riot police raided the anarchist squat Villa Amalias in Athens.

Eight people were detained inside the building, while the police are now searching in the presence of an ninth person who was also in the building at the time of the raid and who is acting as witness to the search. It is expected that this person will also be detained at the end of the operation.

It is still unclear whether or not the police intend to evict the squat.

People are already gathering in solidarity outside the squat in big numbers……

More information as it comes.

UPDATE, 17.35 GMT+2 An anarchist assembly has been called for 8pm tonight (Athens time) at the Athens School of Economics for updates on today’s events.

UPDATE, 16.35 GMT+2 According to a statement by the minisvillaamalias01ter of public order, Nikos Dendias, the order to evict Villa Amalias was given “by PM Samaras himself”.

UPDATE, 16.15 GMT+2 Solidarity gatherings have already been called in the cities of Thessaloniki, Patras,Heraclion, Karditsa and Veroia, with more added to the list by the hour. About 200 anarchists and people in solidarity are gathered outside Villa Amalias itself.

UPDATE, 14.20 GMT+2 The seven anarchists who were detained earlier at the Athens Town hall (see update at 11.35 GMT+2) have just been released. The eight people who were detained inside Villa Amalias when the police raided this morning are still under detention.

UPDATE 11:55 GMT+2 Villa Amalias has issued an immediate call for people to gather outside the building in solidarity.

UPDATE 11:35 GMT+2 There are unconfirmed reports that riot

2xxxpolice have detained a group of anarchists who had entered the Athens Town Hall in order to protest against the ongoing police operation against Villa Amalias.

UPDATE, 22.35 GMT+2 Approximately 1500-2000 anarchists marched from the Athens School of Economics toward Villa Amalias after the assembly (see previous update). There is a call for a gathering at the courthouse tom

orrow morning at 10.30, in solidarity to thoseimages arrested inside Villa Amalias.


 Villa Amalia LIVES !! Finally all arrested are released though some have charges

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