LIBRES (The Free) rural Occupy video series. 1, 2 and 3 (English Subs)

libres,mix bIn February Episode 1 of LIBRES (The Free) came out, free on the web.

It’s an eagerly awaited weekly 15 min adventure of Iberian squatters who get evicted and occupy an abandoned village in the mountains.

Starring some friends who’ve done it in real life.

Libres is sub titled in English and provides a brilliant insight into current Revolutionary politics in Spain. It’s funded by ‘Crowdfunding’. If you like it please re-post to didtribute.    Nuff said.. Enjoy.

this is the Trailer… creative commons


This is EPISODE 1

capitalism is obsolete

view episodes below

 and EPISODE 2


and this is EPISODE 3




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