US allows sadistic killings of Afghan civilians for Sport

poster-panjwai1US Army finally forced ”to Investigate” Afghan’s Evidence Troops Murdering Civilans

Officials Had Previously Dismissed Allegations as False

by Jason Ditz, July 30, 2013


Months after loudly dismissing the allegations of Wardak civilians that US Special Forces have been kidnapping, torturing and killing them, the US Army has announced that it has ”begun a new investigation” into the claim under orders from Gen. Dunford, the commander for troops in occupied Afghanistan.afghan torture


Afghan officials loudly demanded the US withdraw from Wardak Province over the allegations in February, but quickly dropped the demand when NATO insisted the allegations were false.


The issue didn’t die down, however, as civilian bodies kept being found outside the US base and a tape eventually emerged showing the torture of a local civilian, whose body was later found in a ditch near the base.


Even that was shrugged off by US officials, however, until the Afghan government managed to capture the US translator, Zakeria Kandahari, and he confessed that he was acting “on orders” from US commanders. The US has confirmed the authenticity of the Kandahari tape, but insisted that they didn’t know anything about the civilian shown in the video.


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