Great Britain’s Most Censored recent Shocking Scandals: Our Top 10. (Military)

 by michaellee   at TruePublica
 In this article, we have attempted to identify the most censored stories of modern times in Britain. We have asked the opinions of one of the most famous and celebrated journalists and documentary film-makers of our time, a high-profile former Mi5 intelligence officer, a veteran journalist of the Iraq war, a gagged ex-army medic along with the head of one of the worlds largest charities. ….

1. Iraq sanctions – the death toll that wasn’t

Before the full-scale British/American led attack on Iraq in 2003-11, a US, UK and UN sanctions regime was imposed on Iraq on the pretext of denying Saddam Hussein the materials necessary to make weapons of mass destruction. Items banned from Iraq under this rationale included a vast number of items needed for everyday life.

Undisputed UN figures have since shown that 1.7 million Iraqi civilians died due to the West’s brutal sanctions regime, half of whom were known to be children. The mass death was seemingly intended. Among items banned by the UN sanctions were equipment essential for Iraq’s national water treatment system. Continue reading “Great Britain’s Most Censored recent Shocking Scandals: Our Top 10. (Military)”

Bradley exposed War Criminals who now Jail him Forever

iraq_dead”What Bradley Manning did may not be to everyone’s taste but there is a larger issue here and that is the accountability of the people we elect and the decisions they make on our behalf. In not standing up to them en masse we are as guilty as the soldiers and officers that are “just following orders” and with this we leave a young man, still 25 despite 1162 days of confinement, facing a further 136 years in prison for not following those orders, for standing his ground and governments, responsible for war crimes, being allowed to walk away without a care in the world whilst they plot their invasion and liberation of their next country.”

…”The white house could claim that unleashing democracy and freedom has been the real target behind the invasion of Iraq while journalist reports and wikileaks documents have shown and revealed the American collaboration  with Saddam`s intelligence and security officers to kill and torture thousands of unarmed civilian Iraqis.

Some wounds heal fast …some won’t heal at all.”… Continue reading “Bradley exposed War Criminals who now Jail him Forever”

US allows sadistic killings of Afghan civilians for Sport

poster-panjwai1US Army finally forced ”to Investigate” Afghan’s Evidence Troops Murdering Civilans

Officials Had Previously Dismissed Allegations as False Continue reading “US allows sadistic killings of Afghan civilians for Sport”

Wikileaks Infographic, what have we learnt?

Wikileaks Infographic, what have we learnt? Continue reading “Wikileaks Infographic, what have we learnt?”

Dear State, Can we see your ‘Kill Lists’ please?

Britain faces legal challenge over secret US kill list in Afghanistan

2012/08/10 · by · in anti-War

Britains role in supplying information to an American military “kill list” in Afghanistan is being subjected to legal challenge amid growing international concern over targeted strikes against suspected insurgents and drug traffickers.An Afghan man who lost five relatives in a missile strike started proceedings against the Serious Organised Crime Agency Soca and the Ministry of Defence demanding to know details of the UKs participation “in the compilation, review and execution of the list and what form it takes”.

via Britain faces legal challenge over secret US kill list in Afghanistan | World news | The Guardian.

Afghan Women Protest New Law on Home Life

KABUL, Afghanistan — The young women stepped off the bus and moved toward the protest march just beginning on the other side of the street when they were spotted by a mob of men.

Get out of here, you whores!” the men shouted. “Get out!”

The women scattered as the men moved in.

“We want our rights!” one of the women shouted, turning to face them. “We want equality!”

The women ran to the bus and dived inside as it rumbled away, with the men smashing the taillights and banging on the sides.


But the march continued anyway. About 300 Afghan women, facing an angry throng three times larger than their own, walked the streets of the capital on Wednesday to demand that Parliament repeal a new law that introduces a range of Taliban-like restrictions on women, and permits, among other things, marital rape. Continue reading “Afghan Women Protest New Law on Home Life”

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