Photo Gallery: Chilcot and the UK in Iraq: Imperialist War. (Telesur)

Chilcot and the UK in Iraq: Imperialist War Gone ‘Badly Wrong’?

A U.S. B-52 bomber crosses the perimeter fence at Fairford RAF base in Gloucestershire.
A U.S. B-52 bomber crosses the perimeter fence at Fairford RAF base in Gloucestershire.Photo:Reuters
IN PICTURES: teleSUR takes a look at Britain’s role in a war that shattered a nation and continues to spread instability and pain across the Middle East.

The British Empire may have fallen into terminal decline long ago, but this didn’t stop former Prime Minister Tony Blair from thrusting the United Kingdom into an unnecessary and illegal war, with U.S. President George W. Bush at the helm, to militarily topple then Iraqi President Saddam Hussein. Continue reading “Photo Gallery: Chilcot and the UK in Iraq: Imperialist War. (Telesur)”

US/UK to risk WW3 to bomb Syrians with crazy ‘Chemical Weapons’ Pretext


update here: Good News At Last! .. Syria Bombing to be Cancelled?

The US military/industrial economy needs fresh blood.. or rather needs a war,

the final logic of insane predator capitalism.frag the war

Morality. …Can a nation which has repeatedly used and sold chemical weapons then morally  bomb another country on suspicion they used them? Continue reading “US/UK to risk WW3 to bomb Syrians with crazy ‘Chemical Weapons’ Pretext”

Manning shames her Tormentors, vows to Live as a Woman

01-flyer-final…”sometimes you have to pay a heavy price to live in a free society…”

Chelsea (ex-Bradley) Manning’s post-sentence statement, issued by his lawyer, was the kind of statement you would expect to be given by a Nobel Peace Prize recipient in their acceptance speech. It is both unequivocal and profound. …

That Manning issues such a statement on the day he is sentenced to 35 years in prison is testimony to his resilience, his courage and his love. In doing so, the politicians of this world must surely cower in shame. If President Obama has any integrity left, he must pardon immediately this noble individual. Below, we reproduce it with one difference: we have added hyperlinks, where relevant, to provide greater perspective…. Continue reading “Manning shames her Tormentors, vows to Live as a Woman”

Bradley exposed War Criminals who now Jail him Forever

iraq_dead”What Bradley Manning did may not be to everyone’s taste but there is a larger issue here and that is the accountability of the people we elect and the decisions they make on our behalf. In not standing up to them en masse we are as guilty as the soldiers and officers that are “just following orders” and with this we leave a young man, still 25 despite 1162 days of confinement, facing a further 136 years in prison for not following those orders, for standing his ground and governments, responsible for war crimes, being allowed to walk away without a care in the world whilst they plot their invasion and liberation of their next country.”

…”The white house could claim that unleashing democracy and freedom has been the real target behind the invasion of Iraq while journalist reports and wikileaks documents have shown and revealed the American collaboration  with Saddam`s intelligence and security officers to kill and torture thousands of unarmed civilian Iraqis.

Some wounds heal fast …some won’t heal at all.”… Continue reading “Bradley exposed War Criminals who now Jail him Forever”

Manning verdict: to the world’s media – THIS is the moment when Bradley needs your help

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We are at a watershed.


The verdicts in the Bradley Manning trial are about to be announced and between now and sentencing – which is likely to commence as soon as next week – it is imperative that you, the world’s media, come together and demand that Manning be released. Whether you are The Guardian, Der Spiegel, the New York Times, the Washington Post, El Pais, Le Monde, The Age or any of those other publications that collaborated or benefited from the publishing of material revealed by Bradley Manning: you are party to the charges raised and Bradley needs your help and intervention now. Continue reading “Manning verdict: to the world’s media – THIS is the moment when Bradley needs your help”

STOP NOW: All sides Pour arms on Syrian War

As the death toll reaches 100,000 in Syria all sides and their allies are pouring arms into the fire and the US industrial/war machine  is desperate to start the bombing. The final logic of crisis capitalism is permanent spreading  WAR. Now may be our last chance to protest.4034992-3x2-700x467

Into the abyss of full scale war on Syria with Tony Blair as outrider

The West’s escalation of the war will not bring peace, but death, chaos and destruction on a scale that will dwarf previous ‘interventions’ in Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya.

Whenever the Quartet’s ‘Peace Envoy’ Tony Blair makes any pronouncement on the great issues in the Middle East, you can always guarantee that the missile silos are being readied for action. Continue reading “STOP NOW: All sides Pour arms on Syrian War”

Britain’s dirty war leaks out

Britain’s dirty war in Iraq: war crimes, torture, renditions – the evidence mounts

A list of alleged war crimes committed by British military and Intelligence personnel, involving torture, abuse of legal process, rendition and illegal detention, is being compiled. Continue reading “Britain’s dirty war leaks out”

Wikileaks Infographic, what have we learnt?

Wikileaks Infographic, what have we learnt? Continue reading “Wikileaks Infographic, what have we learnt?”

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