US arms criminals save Capitalism: Arms Sales Soar 35%

Tyler Durden's pictureby Tyler Durden….. If ever there was a clearer indication of America’s “need for war” it was the latest Durable Goods orders data, which confirmed, absent defense spending, the US economy is in a tail-spin. USLeadingTerrorists081114However, as NYTimes reports, foreign arms sales by the United States jumped by almost $10 billion in 2014, about 35 percent, even as the global weapons market remained flat and competition among suppliers increased, thanks to multibillion-dollar agreements with Qatar, Saudi Arabia and South Korea.

Defense Spending New Orders has soared 148% in the last 3 months… the biggest rise since 2007

But it is the US arms sales to foreigners that is really flourishing.Despite a stagnant international weapons market and increased competition among suppliers, American foreign weapons receipts rose from $26.7 billion to $36.2 billion last year. According to a new congressional report, as The NY Times reports…

 The United States remained the single largest provider of arms around the world last year, controlling just over 50 percent of the market.main_900

Russia followed the United States as the top weapons supplier, completing $10.2 billion in sales, compared with $10.3 billion in 2013. Sweden was third, with roughly $5.5 billion in sales, followed by France with $4.4 billion and China with $2.2 billion.tankAGSmith Continue reading “US arms criminals save Capitalism: Arms Sales Soar 35%”

STOP NOW: All sides Pour arms on Syrian War

As the death toll reaches 100,000 in Syria all sides and their allies are pouring arms into the fire and the US industrial/war machine  is desperate to start the bombing. The final logic of crisis capitalism is permanent spreading  WAR. Now may be our last chance to protest.4034992-3x2-700x467

Into the abyss of full scale war on Syria with Tony Blair as outrider

The West’s escalation of the war will not bring peace, but death, chaos and destruction on a scale that will dwarf previous ‘interventions’ in Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya.

Whenever the Quartet’s ‘Peace Envoy’ Tony Blair makes any pronouncement on the great issues in the Middle East, you can always guarantee that the missile silos are being readied for action. Continue reading “STOP NOW: All sides Pour arms on Syrian War”

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