Watch ‘OBEY’ here..the Horror to Come

Obey. The film is inspired by the writings of Chris Hedges, one of the last remaining voices of genuinely progressive politics in the U.S. (for more background on Hedges and his brave crusade against the abuses and excesses of the Obama administration, check this and this).


Though brilliantly shot and edited, the film makes for an often intensely disturbing, painfully uncomfortable viewing experience. It is a verbal and aural assault on the senses, a hallucinatory trip into the dark heart of the collective human soul. It is not, I repeat not, a feel-good movie! Nor is it for the faint of heart or the easily distressed.

But for those of you who want and are prepared to glimpse the kind of future that awaits us if we don’t begin to act now, Obey is an absolute must-watch.

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One thought on “Watch ‘OBEY’ here..the Horror to Come”

  1. Well okay I watched the whole thing..Pretty well made and obviously mostly true. But suffers from the usual ‘USA is center of Universe’ arrogance, with endless shots of New York, a total lack of real people and no clue how to make a revolution. Maybe in the book his assertions are backed up?


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