Living Without Money Post 3:  The Free.. visiting a money-free Social Revolution

Living Without Money  post 3, Money-Free Novels

Living Without Money   Post 1   Gratiferias: The Markets Where Everything Is Free
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Living Without Money Post4 100’s of Mutual Aid nets as Covid Collapses Capitalism

“Nothing is yours. It is to use. It is to share. If you will not share it, you cannot use it.” ― Ursula K. Le Guin, The Dispossessed


Imagine your life without money. Most people can’t really do it, because immediately you run into impossible situations.. How would you pay? Why would anyone offer free goods? etc.

Yet most of human history has been without money, in many countries now the system barely functions, and capitalism only ‘works’ by using up and destroying Earth at an ever faster rate.

Though it seems impossible to transition to a Money-Free world, it’s a good idea to imagine it now before our money system collapses. One way to envisage such a transition is in a story or film.

We have a plenty of ‘end of the world’ movies but hardly any set in society being transformed in a positive or successful way.

Integral Coop a

One novel where this does happen is The Free, it’s an adventure story but in the background we learn that Climate Chaos is destroying the world economy, and local Cooperatives are increasingly providing food and social services, as the bankrupt State nears collapse.

In this current web novel we see how the Money System is gradually abolished, in the context of collapsing Capitalism, climate emergency, and a vibrant anarcha-feminist Social Revolution. It’s a free download here.

   Extracts that illustrate the change to Money-Free

The first extract is from early in the story, told by Maxie,  a 15 year old girl who’s run away from home and school, and fallen in with the feminists, squatters and gays :

….…”I took off my coat and sat. The other wall was covered over with pans on nails, posters, notices and hanging plants. In the middle a smiling sun said –‘’Wannabe Money-Free.’-and others. -‘Legalize Abortion.’- and -‘Save The Biosphere.’- -‘Private Property is Theft.’- and …

Marie and Tricia were telling a long story about a nasty manager and tucking in. And so did I. I was hungry.

After that day I used to eat there often. You could starve at Barney’s place. And they didn’t mind that I was always skint. I would put some cash in ‘The Pot’ if I ever had any, and we were using money less and less. And I took my turn washing and cleaning and child minding. …..

…..Our local Pool in Burndon is well advanced. There’s some different CoOps that make things, and converting old cars to run on NH3 and just consuming stuff as well. Then there’s skill sharing, you know, someone offers to do plumbing, or window cleaning or whatever.

The best is a brilliant second hand and free supermarket, in Bolands where they used to have the car showrooms. You can just go shopping without paying in Brandon, if you know where!

But the latest brand new craze is Levels, that’s catching on all over now.

So then I got -‘Level 4 Learning’-, -‘Level 2 Production’-, -‘Level 9 Happiness’-, or whatever, you’re supposed to update monthly and average out.

Only Barney’s gang just take the piss and gave themselves -‘Level 69 Sexiness’-. they’re hopeless. at levels.  Not like Maggie and our friends..       

Learning counts as Work, I mean, why not?.. And House and Family, that’s Production too. I like that new cool Project, like living in a game of Money Free!’….’

[See Glossary below, personal levels/ wurts/ free credit cards)   from The Free  Ch 4 ‘Wonderful Maggie’.



Ten chapters later Maxie  has escaped with her new friends to a ‘big, safe, working class barrio controlled by the Ragwort Free CoOp. This extract is in Ch 14. from their House Assembly:

  Barney escapes the meeting to recruit young Macker into the CoOp. Macker is Maxie’s new boyfriend, he’s a gypsy entertainer, on the run from the police. We choose this piece, though it’s pretty confusing out of context,  because Barney explains a bit about their developing money-free system.

………-‘You should’ve woke me up.’- said Macker.

-‘Don’t worry. They’ll still be eating.‘- Maxie was leading him by the hand. –‘You can have your chat with Barney and maybe stay for the first bit of the meeting.. This is the eating and sitting room here. Just relax, it only seems like chaos.’-

A big white room, a wall-full of posters and notices, a door through to the kitchen, a wide plywood table.

But the supper was finishing. Jerry and Jackie were collecting pots and plates. Bernie was reading out the house-meeting agenda.

-‘And that must be Barney.’- Macker thought.. Tapping at a keyboard, headphones in his bushy hair with mike attached, like an office on legs. -‘Anything else.’- Bernie was shouting. –‘We have.. the roof, cleaning, the elections tomorrow, short items, visitors, Maggie’s birthday.. Come on let’s do it fast….’-

-‘Cakes for the Fair.’- said Maxie, sitting down..

-‘The Greenhouse repairs.’-

-‘The w-w-windmill.’- Jerry added.

-‘Hello Maxie. Hello Macker..’- said Maggie. -‘Everyone this is Macker the Magician. He’s better.. You’re better aren’t you?’-

-‘Um, yeah, uh okay.’-

-‘Howaya Macker I’m Bernie, um, Josie’s mother. I left your food on the kitchen table.’-

-‘Hey Macker I’m Danny, remember me, from Burndon? I’m Maxie’s brother.’-

-‘Howaya doing?’- They slapped hands.

-‘Anything else for the agenda?’-

-‘The Mexicans haven’t arrived. We need a translator at eleven.’- Maggie yelled from the kitchen.

-‘I’m after ringing the docks again.’- said Barney -‘They’re finally free and on their way up here.. At last.’-

-‘Good. Good.’-

Macker had picked up dirty plates, on the way to the kitchen. Barney rolled his eyes and grinned at him. But he was busy.

-‘MackaMackaMacka.’- Moonbeam was standing in her high chair. Waving her spoon in the air.

-‘Hey Moonie baby, is this food for me? Nyum nyum!’- He had swiped her plate, steadying her elbow.

-‘S’mine no no… ‘-

-‘Okay let’s sit down and eat. That’s it. In you get.’-

-‘Oh good Macker.’- It was Bernie at the door –‘That’s your food there and that’s for Josie she should be here any minute.’-

-‘Can I eat out here with the kids? um, I…’-

-‘Okay better, I’ll go in then.’- -‘No no don’t eat me. Naughty Moonie!’-

Macker was happier in the kitchen with Moonbeam. Stacking dinner things at the sink, and diving into his Spanish rice with a spoon.

The door opened. Barney came in, sat down quietly and took Moonbeam on his knee.

-‘They let me escape.’- he said –‘While they’re talking about all the things we have to vote on.’-

-‘Aren’t they important?’-

-‘We do them every Saturday now. By computer… Don’t tear it!’- He had a kid’s book out and was showing Moonie. -‘Can I get you a beer or something?’-

-‘No thanks. Uh, you came to talk to me.’- said Macker.

-‘Yeah that’s right, I’m very sorry to hear about your Dad. Must be a terrible shock for you.’- He was biting his thumb.

-‘Yes well um, I knew already really I just…..’-

-‘Maxie filled me in.. Seems like he done a brave thing.’-

Macker felt himself bursting into tears, held them back. Patcheen’s trick was working.

-‘I’m p-proud of him for diving.’- he declared.

-‘A grand brave man alright… Funny thing is I was trying to find you last week.’-

-‘How so?’- Macker was sniffing, but wouldn’t wipe his tears.

-‘Some friends are after you to do shows, but I couldn’t track you down. I was told it’s easier to locate the last Polar Bear… Then I find Maxie has you captured in her bed!’-

He laughed and Macker joined in, nervously.

-‘Look there’s Cutie blowing bubbles.’- he pointed at the book.

-‘Cooty’s not a nerafunt, silly. She’s Quirty’-

-‘You’re right of course, that’s Squirty. How silly of me.. Listen I’ve got an idea. You wanna do shows with us?’-

-‘Yeah okay, but I got them big piggy-wiggy problems you know.’-

Now he was juggling the apples.

-‘That’s the deal, like, I’m in this group that gets yunkers out of legal trouble.’-

-‘I got a hundred mile of robbing to my name.’-

Barney winked at him, Produced some stapled papers from the elephant book, as Moonbeam slid down on the floor.

-‘Summary of your police file. Thirty two robberies I think they got you down for. Look here.’-

-‘I’m innocent honestly.’- Macker put on his sincere face. -‘I was in bed with the doctor at the time.’-

-‘Very good. Listen this is the idea see we do all this paperwork like and these kids get let off in the care of different Pools and CLANS. Like. Probation without screws.. Because the youth prison is bursting anyway. We’ve a sheaf of cases to go in next week and I could squeeze you in as well.’-

-‘What do I have to do for you?’- Macker looked resigned.

Then he was crawling under the table after the child.

-‘Nothing.. well you get the chance to work with us if you want. You’re a genius Macker. We need your style, we need your buzz, to make these projects click!.’-

-‘You’re not jealous then?… I’m gonna catch you loony Moonie.’-

-‘About Maxie? Well, er, sure I’m a bit jealous but, I don’t wanna be with her anyway and, um. I’m much too old for her so.’-

Macker’s head had appeared from under the hemp tablecloth and Barney put his hand on it. As if he would give him his blessing.

-‘I’ll be delighted if you’re going to be with Maxie okay.’-

-‘I’ve no idea if I will or I won’t.’- He slyly grinned his gap toothed grin. -‘Listen I’ll take your deal okay, but what I need, like really, is my brother and sister, like. They’re locked up, um, for nothing at all. Can’t you get them out as well? Seeing as you’re so pally with the coppers, like?’-

Barney took the phone from his top pocket. Unplugged the earphones and put it under a chair cushion.

-‘Maggie just told me about Damien and Tessa. That’s different cops and we can’t wangle anything but..’- He had lowered his voice conspiratorially. -‘All those kids should be coming out soon. One way or another.’-

-‘When is soon? .. And how ? They need to come out today!’-

Moonbeam started to squeal, as Macker pretended to pursue her through the chair legs. He popped up to hear Barney’s whisper.

-‘We been wanting prisons closed for years. It’s a project I’m in myself, like. We got good infiltration.. A good plan. ‘-

-‘Maybe I could help, if you need help?’- Macker offered.

-‘Yeah okay. We know more or less how, see. Different families and Pools and Projects agreed to adopt an escaped youth, er yunker. It’s just we need everyone to agree and that’s tricky because it’s secret. You can’t tell anyone okay. But now with these Free Unions taking off maybe the youth prisons will, like, just fall into our area anyway. If you see what I mean…’-

-‘How much do I have to work for you?’- he broke in.

-‘You don’t have to..only if you want..the new scheme here two or three days a week. Then you have your own stuff on the side, and you should do Free-Uni. But if you’re doing magic shows you’d hardly be, er, working as well I mean.. That’s worth so much more.’-

-‘Two or three days. And what’s the pay, or do we work for the bleeding community?’-

-‘Just now we’re all getting credit cards, from the Credit Union, I ordered you one.’- Now he was crawling after Moonbeam himself.

-‘A credit card for me! I’m a credit to the CoOp-Pool.’- He was swinging Moonie up into his arms.

-‘You can use all Pools goods and services, money-free. Your account is just in Wurts, their program works out prices based on a balance of scarcity, what people want and need. Ecology cost and so on, using the surveys we do. But we don’t actually pay, er….’- [ref.7 and ref.16 money free]

-‘Maxie told me something… Just what I need, a Pooler credit card!’-

-‘Everyone will want you Macker, in their CLAN parties, in their gigs, on their TV shows. And now they started going out all over with Net TV. I seen you in action. I saw you turn a thousand kids into one big, er, happy family, like. With just some bin bags and a broken trumpet… ‘-

-‘I’ve lost my trumpet as well.’-

Just then the side door opened. A small girl in green plastic overalls, Earth style, came in, and she dripping. Swung off a shoulder bag and ran straight for Barney.

It was Josie, Bernie’s daughter.

-‘Hey Barney Tammy wants to come round and watch cartoons in the play-den can she come can she come oh please please…?’-…….

mno more money


Although it’s hard for us to imagine living in a money-free system it very quickly becomes normal. The strange and shocking quickly becomes ordinary, like camping on a nudist beach.

In fact we all experience money free society, suspending capitalism whenever possible. Many of us have cool memories of our childhood…

For instance you’re having a picnic with your neighbours.. do you charge them for trying your sandwiches or lend them cash at interest to buy a slice of cake?? Of course not. We are just not capitalists at heart.

In the next extract  Barney is showing Lucia round the Ragwort Free area. Lucia is a feminist organiser and healer visiting from Mexico. They are madly in love but both resisting due to previous disasters. We choose this piece again because Barney has to explain a bit how things work.

at the Gobbledegook Cafe

…”Downstairs they’ve knocked big windows and more doors all the way round the old convent. Half of it a free takeaway supermarket and warehouse, and the other part is a brand new kind of restaurant. The Gobble-de-Gook Cafe, where we’re meeting… [ref.14 Free _shops]

-‘I never saw nothing so good!’- said Lucia.

-‘Well I dunno they’re always changing it. Look there’s Jerry working. You can bring your own food, and picnic on these wooden tables in the yard. The best bit is in the park at the back. I’ll show you, let’s reserve tables for everybody. The food is free, or almost all free, believe it or not. We don’t have to starve in Ragwort Pool, and now we all got free credit cards…’-

-‘How can it be free? It’s impossible.’-

Lucia had my arm in hers, jerking me this way and that, like a kid at a funfair.

-‘Subsidized by revolutionary. um, taxes.’- I laughed. -‘Really they don’t pay you directly in cash, and people wash their own plates, um, and we don’t pay rent, just gifts to the nuns and that, most of the food comes from the CoOp Pools and the energy…’-

I stopped, glancing up at the sky

-‘Usually I come here to eat and use the computers. Over there, looks like they’re all queued up with people voting.’-

Out back we got our tables, picked up some juice smoothies and sat in the park. Leaning up against a young larch tree, half in the shade, to continue talking.

It’s an old block sized park, with railings and trees on three sides. On the far side a growing Adventure Playground with walkways, tunnels, tree dens and high slide pipes. …”


The next extract from Ch23 is a revenge shaming attack on a predator patriarchal businessmen, but it’s more than that.

Gloria the nasty office manager is sexually attacked and fired, but finally she and everyone else will never have to pay off their mortgages. Not only Michael Prink but the whole capitalist system is going down the  plug hole, and at least here, the Free Coops and Unions are triumphing.

Merri and Dolli, the Finance team, have carried out a ‘sting’.

“Merri tooted and she turned. It was Gloria all right, almost unrecognizable.

Red eyed with her makeup off. And no umbrella.

-‘Want a lift?’- Dolli swung open the rear door.

-‘Okay where you going? This isn’t your car, is it? It’s brand new.’- But she jumped straight in the back.

-‘We’re going to an Inipi Party. Spring Solstice and far out neo-hippies. Wanna come?’-

-‘You got the rest of the day off, and your kid in religious boarding school.’-

-‘The rest of my life off I think. But what is an Inipi?’-

-‘Kind of do-it-yourself sauna. Hey you look cool without makeup.’-

-‘I just lost my job and got er, sexually menaced, with a ridiculous rubber rocket. I got zero prospects, zero compensation, a fourteen year old boy and a mortgage.’-

-‘Happiness Level zero point zero.’-

-‘Well, I really fancy you without makeup. How about a batwoman stick-on over each eye?’- Merri giggled.

-‘Look here, he’s coming out! Let’s stay and watch it!’-

-‘Just watch what happens Gory baby!’-

-‘My name is Gloria, please girls!’-

-‘Shit-on you sister, no girls here.-‘

Princk’s red Mercedes was emerging from the automatic garage door for the last time.

They got a glimpse of his ecstatic face. His dorky eyes were gawking, his mouth was hanging loose. Michael Prink was delighted with himself.

-‘He just refused to lend me the bus fare..-‘You know I don’t carry small change darling.’- After all these years he refused to give me the fecking bus fare!’-

-‘She just used a bad word, Dolli.’-

-‘Just shut up Gory, and peel your peepers.’-

Dolli turned up the music, inhaled, stretching with a sexy wriggle, and passed Merri the spliff.

Princk was gunning his huge motor.

Two women with a big old pram were waiting at the zebra crossing.

Waiting but not crossing, waiting but..

His foot hit the gas.

The woman pushed her pram under his front wheel.

There was a grinding crunch as the car stopped. Bits of a pram. A woman screeching.

A man was filming. Another smashing the side window with a hammer.

Two more were pulling out Princk. Everyone from the bus stop was running over.

-‘Shit on me shit on me. Shame on you…’

Shit on me shit on me. Shame on you..’- ..The chant began.

-‘Now he’s killed a baby!’- Gloria was scandalized.

-‘No no.. No way you’ll see.. That’s just for shock. That pram was really full of concrete blocks!-

They were dancing round Michael P. Princk, manic in a circle. The crowd had multiplied and now the chants were angry shouts. Princk was horror stricken, shouting obscenities, hands on his head.

-‘All those people are Clan friends of the temps and the sales staff.’-

Thick black smoke was pouring from the side window of the red Mercedes.

-‘Uh oh..Time to go ladies.’-

-‘Bye bye super boss.’- Merri murmured, gliding quietly off. -‘Have a magnificent holiday.’-

Merri was driving through the occupied Ragwort Pool area and up the hills. Weaving skillfully through handcarts, airbikes, NH3-lorries and groups of young Clanners.

-‘Did I just see what I just saw? I can’t believe that happened.’- Gloria clung to denial.

-‘We just scored the final winner. Our Levels went off the scale!’

-‘We won. We won it all. I can’t believe it either.’- Dolli was clapping her and kissing Merri’s cheek.

-‘Well.. Are you coming with us then?’- Merri asked. -‘Oh Gory we’ve got a nice surprise for you.. The other staff got theirs already.’-

-‘My name is Gloria, please.’-

-‘We’ve paid off your mortgage.’- said Dolli. Passing back a plastic file of embossed papers.

-‘What? I have another eighteen years!’-

-‘Of course you don’t deserve it. You’ve always made us eat shit you snobby bitch.’- said Merri. Trying to look hard.

-‘But in the end we were all in the same, er, pathetic crashed rocket.’-

-‘This can’t be true. You’re just winding me up.. for revenge!’- The sheaf of papers shook in her hands..

-‘It’s just your share. If not we’ll give more to Women’s Rescue.’-

-‘On the Wurts value scale you paid it long ago you know.’- . [see Glossary.WURTS.}

-‘We made it like old shitface Princk paid it.’- said Merri -‘For a thousand Euros our friends transfer mortgages to toxic loans and do the papers. They got the caretaker bank by the short and curlies, due to the mortgage boycott.’-

-‘He owes you a lot more I mean. You ran his fraudulent business and we managed the money.’-

-‘What? But I owe it, I have to pay.’

-‘Pay who Gory? The banks sold off what was left after the last crash and the mortgage strikes. The law is paralyzed, they just printed the cash to pay for the house in the first place.’-

-‘Mortgages will be abolished when we get the money free market.’ [ref.29.Zeitgeist p456)

-‘I’ve always paid my way and ruled my corner.’-

-‘Yeah like a fascist bastard. Why could you never once stop shitting on us!’-

Dolli turned menacingly to where Gloria squirmed. Looking small in the big back seat.

-‘It’s worse than that. Even worse.’- She shrank back.

They were zooming silently out of town, splashing through deep, wide puddles.

-‘Worse? Difficult to believe.’-

Now it seemed that Gloria was weeping, then she blurted out..

-‘Old Shitface, as you call him, is the father of my son.’-

-‘Oh my god. Oh my god. Break out the emergency hankies.’- said Merri.

-‘Oh Gloria I’m so sorry.. That’s why you turned into a monster.’-

-‘I’m not not NOT a monster!’- she sobbed.

-‘Well he thinks he just transferred five million to an unnamed tax haven.’-

-‘And he h-hasn’t?’-

The rain was easing off and they got a flash of the mountains up ahead.

-‘More like ‘donated’ to the CoOp Pools Credit Union.’- {ref. 7. CoOps]

-‘He was just a petty parasite, an obsolete, rapacious, predator capitalist.’- said Merri.

-‘Yes well.. We’ll cut him off gently when it’s all safe and tied up.’-

-‘He should never have put his loot in a Clanners bank.’-

-‘It’s not a Clanners bank, it’s a Credit Union.. But he should never have hired us!’-

-‘We went to the wrong free university.’-

-‘That’s for sure anyway.’- Dolli slipped her arm round her. –‘Aren’t you driving too fast?’-

-‘Okay Gory, you’re going through the Inipi saunas, and the deep massage. Then we’re gonna teach you how to breathe.’-

-‘My name… ‘-

-‘And could be you need some sessions like, how come you ended up with a superiority complex, and like, getting your knickers wet making us all miserable, and..’-

-‘It was my mother really, she sent me to this snobby private school, and even though I ….’-

-‘Okay not now, not yet please. Let’s just wind right down first, okay?.’- Merri had a last drag of the spliff and Dolli stubbed it out.

There was a long silence, as the limousine gained height, the sun came and went, flashing them glimpses of the ocean below. White windmills were flying with black jackdaws, kids whizzing down the mountain on bikes..

Merri began chuckling to herself, a bit stoned. Dolli cuddling up to her as she drove.

She swerved to miss a cocky rooster on the hill, and laughed some more.

Just about out of the city.

Then both of them just started laughing together and just didn’t stop.

Deep and little at first, then hysterically, subsiding into giggles and roaring up again.

-‘Did you see his..his face at the ‘Shit-On’.’-

-‘Oh yes. Oh yes. Oh golly yes yes..’-

-‘I thought he would explode! Did you.. did you see..’-

-‘And then.. and when.. Oh Dolli.. and when.. and..’-

But now they were laughing too much to even speak.

Merri had to pull off the steep road, she couldn’t drive anymore.

Stamping their feet, and embracing, writhing with laughter.

‘Did you see his..his face?’-

Something snapped in Gloria’s brain.

She squealed once.

Clapping her hands on the embossed receipts.

-‘This really is for real, isn’t it!’- She had started laughing herself.

-‘You clever clever, clever wonderful girls!’-


let the assembly decide
Just to illustrate money-free shops. Macker is ill and grieving for Maxie who is missing, he is travelling in the company of two US soldiers who have deserted and joined The Free ..

from  Permaculture  Ch 47.

…”We stopped in Hurlingford village, by the river, to change NH3 bottles, and pick up aspirins, and mosquito balm. Plus fruit, antiseptics and contraceptives. Duna, Myra and Lila swung down from the roof seats, descending on the little Free Supermarket.

Myra the traitor was keen to try out her free Credit Card. While Jerry and Wain nattered on about the Gay Rescue advice programs. And I took my chance to stretch across the seats and rest.

But Maxie came back in my head, pleading me to come and find her quick.

From that car-park I could see the river bridge, and a few kids exploring a new Adventure Park. High spindly lime and beech trees, with walkways, and a scary high swing, across to the fort, on the river island below.. I heard the girls approaching.

-‘..So then we got to the checkout. ..Nobody there!. Coz it’s a do-it-yourself checkout, stupid. Look, look at my cool Earth peep-top and tassel pants!.’- Myra was delighted. -‘I left my mili-shirt, that’s fair exchange…’-

-‘You don’t have to exchange anything. It’s a free shop.’-…….

……We were flying along, or it seemed fast up on the roof seats.  Ducking branches as we skirted coppice circles. Ponds and lakes and permaculture plots. [ref.20 Save The Biosphere]

Lots more people were moving out of town to live on their country workshops.

While gardens and farms were creeping back, into the opening city…

The whole wide valley was being intensively adapted, more near the city, and less on the sides, blending to wilderness in the Lapwing Mountains to the west….’’

squat the world

Glossary of The Free (summarised extract)
CoOp Pool*

A combined consumers and producers cooperative, including a voluntary pooling of resources and skill sharing. Typically the CoOp Pools provide a ration of goods and services Money Free, but do measure their value, in Wurts, which includes a variable supply/demand percentage plus ecology cost, and a part for social desirability factors.


A Shit-On is an attempt to control or intimidate using unfair authority or power, usually sexist or racist..

Free Credit Cards*

Introduced even before the uprising they are popular everywhere.

You don’t have to pay for Pools goods or services but the Wurt Value is recorded, with bar codes etc, in your account, so you know the social, economic and environmental value put on what you use, for controlling abuse and for rationing where necessary.

Gay Rescue*

..See ‘Women’s Rescue’. If you’re oppressed for being gay you can get and give help discreetly online..

Wurts anti-money*

You can’t spend a wurt, It’s a measure. A way to calculate the value of free goods. The wurt value of something in the shop includes variable eco-cost, use-value, and desirability cost, as well as scarcity value. The wurt is decided automatically by a computer program. But people argue and vote on the variables that calculate it. ..Curiously you can have a negative wurt.. e.g. you had a glut of apples. There appears to be a danger of wurts turning back into money. The concept takes a bit of getting used to but beats calculating everything on absurd values of a capitalist market.. Wurt values are calculated by a dedicated Program and algorithm, with surveys and weekly online voting.

(Fans note. Sadly we only know of wurts existing in the last chapters of these chronicles.)

CLAN Fashions*

We include here the prevalent hot climate body art. Stick-Ons are removable tattoos which tend to replace clothes in CLAN crazes and belonging symbolism. Various fashions include; Functioning Air-Tails and Crests that mimic birds and animals. Peek-suits and pants,are….

love in the Fall of capitalism


That’s all, hopefully those who’ve read the extracts may begin to get the feeling of Money-Free. You can download the novel free in various formats here: , it may not be great literature but it’s easy reading.

In fact one aim of the novel is to illustrate a transition to a society without leaders and led or bosses and exploited, and how this could be made to happen as our present system and the biosphere  reach their limits.
‘’The trick is to play it live, to peep round our daily blinkers.
Other worlds and social systems are not only possible, but are coming pronto.
Like it or not’’ . .


Living Without Money  

Post 1   Gratiferias: The Markets Where Everything Is Free
Living Without Money  

Post 2  REVIEWS: ‘Life Without Money’ and ‘Sacred Economics’

post 3 (this post) Life Without Money in the novel ‘The Free’Money-Free Novels

post 4 Living Without Money 100’s of Mutual Aid nets as Covid Collapses Capitalism


“The theory of exodus proposes that the most effective way of opposing capitalism and the liberal state is not through direct confrontation but by means of what Paolo Virno has called “engaged withdrawal,”mass defection by those wishing to create new forms of community.

One need only glance at the historical record to confirm that most successful forms of popular resistance have taken precisely this form.

They have not involved challenging power head on (this usually leads to being slaughtered, or if not, turning into some—often even uglier—variant of the
very thing one first challenged) but from one or another strategy of slipping away from its grasp, from flight, desertion, the founding of new communities.”
David Graeber, Fragments of an Anarchist Anthropology

“Nothing is yours. It is to use. It is to share. If you will not share it, you cannot use it.”
Ursula K. Le Guin,
.. The Dispossessed


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