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Recipes for Disaster: An Anarchist Cookbook


This is a modern guerrilla handbook, for all the rebels, inspired, resistors, collectives, occupiers who want to change the world to a horizontal not authoritarian society and who WANT TO LIVE THE CHANGE.

It’s an anarchist book first released by the CrimethInc. collective back in December 2004. The title is a joke.It provides all kinds of information on and strategies for direct action useful to activists and dissenters.There are sections on forming affinity groups, organizing demonstrations, stenciling, black blocs, sabotage, squatting, and more personal topics like mental health and “Supporting Survivors of Domestic Violence”.

It was written over three years by dozens of radical collectives from all over the world working together.

The work was positively reviewed in Fifth Estate ) and Clamor  as well as by Kirsten Anderberg.fight-where-you-stand

“This is a handbook for direct action. Any action that side-steps regulations, representatives, and authorities to accomplish goals is direct action.
In a society in which political power, economic capital, and social control are centralized in the hands of an elite, certain forms of direct action are discouraged, to say the least; this book is for those who want to take control of their lives and accept responsibility for determining the fate of humanity and the planet….

..”For the civilian born in captivity and raised on spectatorship and submission, direct action changes everything. The morning you arise to put a plan into motion, you awaken under a different sun- if you have been able to sleep at all, that is- and in a different body, attuned to every detail of the world around you and possessed of the power to change it.

You find your companions endowed with tremendous courage and resourcefulness, equal to monumental challenges and worthy of passionate love. Together, we enter a foreign land where outcomes are uncertain but anything is possible and every mintute counts…”               Creative Commons license: Public Domainrealistic

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The book contains chapters with the following headings:



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