Mayday 2014: worldwide photos and comments

Turkey, May 1st 2014.

With International Workers’ Day taking place in a world riven by economic crisis, we’re sharing short reports, pictures and videos on May Day protests and celebrations around the world.

Below are some short reports, pics or videos of May Day protests. Let us know if you’ve seen any more!


Ankara, Turkey

Bologna, Italy

The tweet above says “There’s nothing to celebrate for the precarious, students and workers”.Istanbul, Turkey
Massive fighting between police and protesters as upwards of 30 groups defy a ban on demonstrations.

Turin, Italy

Scuffles also broken out with violent police attacks. For videos of the day, see here and here.


Pnomh Penh, Cambodia
Around 1,000 factory workers demonstrate against low wages, and are attacked by police with five workers injured.

May Day rallies demand reform; 5 hurt in Cambodia


InPhnomPehn, civilian auxiliary police, armed with clubs and often used by the government to break up protests, turned on the demonstrators after opposition leaders spoke to the crowd of nearly 1,000. The assaults appeared to be random and limited, and were over in less than an hour.At least five people were hurt, said Om Sam Ath, an officer of the human rights group Licadho.

“These security forces seem to be addicted to beating people,” he said. “Every time they disperse protesters, they beat people, and not one of them has been arrested.”


Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Over 50k throng anti-GST May Day rally


As the rally disperses peacefully at 4.30pm, an estimated 50,000 is reported to have gathered around the streets ofDataranMerdeka in today’s May Day rally against the Goods and Services Tax (GST).Several minor scuffles started by fringe youth groups are reported in the following hour, but on the whole the rally has ended peacefully.

Some pics can be found here.


Barcelona, Spain


Naples, Italy
Workers and supporters at Leroy Merlin (kind of like B&Q) protesting it being open on a day of public holiday; in the end they manage to hold the demonstration inside the shop

Chicago, USA

Cool banner in Chicago..
Milan, Italy

Turin, Italy

Video of the above picture below, with one demonstrator taking out a policeman with a plank of wood.


London, UK
Police out in force around UCL in central London to protect Conservative politician David Willetts..

One policeman earlier draws for his taser

Istanbul, Turkey

In this link there’s a video from Turkish news of a policeman caught by protesters and given a kicking..

New York, USA


Jakarta, Indonesia

Los Angeles, USA
Santiago de Chile


Chilli Sauce

May 2 2014 08:55
Ed wrote:

Kureigo-San wrote:

Ed that first video from Spain is from last year. I’m 100% on that because I was there

Haha, right, whoops! Sorted now..

Btw, in case it wasn’t clear, if people want to post updates from Mayday where they are then that’d be ace.. even if just a few sentences on what went on near them..

In a small classroom in a language school in London, some students completed a gap-fill to the lyrics of Solidarity Forever.

And that was my contribution to the global proletarian uprising

May 2 2014 10:25

This is brilliant Ed, nice work


John E Jacobsen

May 3 2014 08:16

Seattle, Washington, USA.

There were several marches. One large march earlier in the day revolving around issues of immigration reform, and another, explicitly anti-capitalist march later at night.

The immigration march was much the same as it has been for years, and the anti-capitalist march went fairly strong for its third year in a row – although reports from friends at the march said parts of it were pretty sketch. Undercovers, lot of guy fawkes masks, etc. Decent article on it here: Seattle May Day 2014: An Anti-Capitalist Tradition!

One thing that does bear explanation – there are some photo’s I’ve included of people dressed as superheros getting into a fist fight with blac block folks. Basically, its exactly what it looks like: Scuffle Between Anarchist And Superhero During Seattle’s May Day March.

Anyways, here’s some pics/riot porn for you.



May 3 2014 13:35

Anti-capitalist May Day demo in The Hague, Netherlands. The demo of about 300 people passed through two of the poorest neighborhoods of the country, areas where the local government cut a lot of funding on community centres, libraries, social projects etc, while at the same time installing more police and control measures. Racial profiling and police violence are common in the area.

A lot of people from the neighborhood joined the demo, which succeeded in keeping the initiative and countering police provocation, stopping the demo for a few times until demands (for example for plainclothes cops to leave the area) were met.

first 4 pics by Brandon Jourdan


Caiman del Barrio

May 3 2014 14:40

I got stuff from Buenos Aires, Caracas, Bogotá and – I think – La Habana in my inbox. Will try to write up tomorrow.



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Barcelona demo dispersed after black bloc ”riot”.

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