‘RobinHood bankrobber On the Run says : ” Let’s change the world..”

Robin Hood’ is still on run for Robbing Banks

to support Social Revolution.

His name is Enric Duran , but is known as ‘Robin Bank ‘ or ‘ Robin Hood of the Banks ‘ . This Catalan activist, 38 years old, came to illegally obtain half a million euros in bank loans which he then then divided among projects and anti-capitalist movements .

a recent bank occupation protest aginst mortgage evictions
a recent bank occupation protest aginst mortgage evictions

He was charged with several offenses and failed to appear at his trial. He had requested loans from banks with no intention of returning and distributed the cash to a whole range of alternative projects, integral cooperatives, occupied social centers and revolutionary anarchists. . In all, he performed 68 operations in 39 different entities. With dozens of personal loans , he managed to outwit information systems and financial control. 

While Spain is suffering the worst crash for 50 years due to capitalist and bankers greed, Robin Hood has thrived on the run, promoting a mushrooming Integral Cooperative with its own interest-free anti money system.

Such is the public hatred of the banks, who have evicted hundreds of thousands of mortgage defaulters and are selling off their property cheap to speculators, that locking up Robin Hood may be seen as counterproductive. Or else he is just diabolically clever at getting away!


Public support for resisting more evictions by the banks has also mushroomed, for example 55 banks were occupied in one day to protest evictions of mortgage garantors, by the PAH, which is a decentralised assembly based resistance to mortgage evictions which now has dozens of local organisations around Spain.

In addition there are now at least five ex banks in Barcelona that have been squatted and turned into ‘Occupied Social centers’ with wide public support making eviction difficult, One of these centers has just WON an eviction reprieve for the third time!   see here:   Lets Squat 1000 more Banks

The latest of these is the ‘Pea Pod Collective’ ‘La Vaina’..https://www.facebook.com/CSOLaVaina?ref=ts&fref=ts

Open Assembly of The Pea Pod
Open Assembly of The Pea Pod

One occupied Barcelona center, the famous Carboneria was bought cheap by Barclays Bank who went through with a scandalous eviction. However the occupiers already have a new center.. in a closed down bank!

But how did Robin Hood manage to get away with half a million euros? ($693,000).. ” What I discovered is that credits of less than 6,000 euros did not appear in the information system of the Bank of Spain ( … ) . Then asked 5,000 -plus credit and liquidity that was accumulating ,” said Duran.

He explained that when he got that liquidity he appeared more and more creditworthy, swapping money with eight banks and could get larger loans. Duran discovered another major weakness in the Bank of Spain : it takes two months to update their information .


” Between December 2007 and January 2008, he got most of the loans ,” he said.

‘Robin Bank ‘ didn’t keep a single euro of the money obtained. His goal was simply to expose the financial system and support projects and anti-capitalist social movements.

As the documentary ‘Return’  explains, many people involved in projects funded by Duran knew where the money came from .

His idea , he said , is to make another world ” with our own principles and comprehensive disobedience to the current system.”

16 of the banks he defrauded denounced him and he spent two months in prison on remand , he told RT .

bank blocade

“From the beginning I had it already clear that it was a matter of civil disobedience, and I was going to face jail,” he said.

The prosecution asked for to eight years in prison for Duran for fraud on financial institutions, but de didnt turn up for the trial, claiming the result was already sure as his witnesses were barred from appearing.

Over a year later Robin Hood remains in hiding and is currently planning its defense from activism . “I’m promoting a fairer system , restorative justice , which is an alternative that exists globally and that I apply to my case, and I have asked help from a group of mediators with banks and now we are in this process,” said .

This translation of the RT article has been edited with added information

El ‘Robin Hood’ de bancos españoles: “Cambiemos el mundo con desobediencia”

por RT     Video here

Su nombre es Enric Duran, pero se le conoce como ‘Robin Bank’ o el ‘Robin Hood de los Bancos’. La cadena rus RT en Español lo acaba de entrevistar…
Su nombre es Enric Duran, pero se le conoce como ‘Robin Bank’ o el ‘Robin Hood de los Bancos’. Este activista catalán de 38 años llegó a obtener ilegalmente medio millón de euros en créditos bancarios que después repartió en proyectos y movimientos anticapitalistas. Fue imputado por varios delitos y no se presentó a juicio.

'robin hood' in the coop before going on the run
‘robin hood’ in the coop before going on the run

Solicitaba créditos a los bancos sin ninguna intención de devolverlos. En total, llevó a cabo 68 operaciones en 39 entidades distintas. Gracias a decenas de préstamos personales, logró burlar los sistemas de información y control financieros. Ya han pasado seis años de aquella acción y RT ha podido hablar con él a través de videoconferencia.”Lo que descubrí es que los créditos de menos de 6.000 euros no aparecían en el sistema de información del Banco de España (…). Entonces pedía créditos de 5.000 y pico y con eso iba acumulando liquidez”, explicó Duran.Según contó, cuando obtuvo esa liquidez pudo aparentar mayor solvencia domiciliando su nómina a la vez en ocho bancos y pudo conseguir créditos más grandes. Duran descubrió otra debilidad importante en el Banco de España: que tarda dos meses en actualizar su información.”Entre diciembre de 2007 y enero de 2008 conseguí la mayor parte de los préstamos”, afirmó.

Finalidad: denunciar el sistema financiero

‘Robin Bank’ no se quedó ni un solo euro del dinero que obtuvo. Su objetivo era simplemente denunciar el sistema financiero y sufragar proyectos y movimientos sociales anticapitalistas.

Como muestra el documental ‘Retorno’, muchas personas implicadas en proyectos financiados por Duran sabían de dónde provenía el dinero.
Su idea, afirmó, es construir así otro mundo “con nuestros propios principios y haciendo desobediencia integral al sistema actual”.

16 de los bancos estafados le denunciaron y pasó dos meses en prisión preventiva, explicó a RT.

“Desde el principio yo ya tenía claro que era una cuestión de desobediencia civil, y que me iba a enfrentar a la cárcel”, dijo.integral-revolution1

La Fiscalía de Barcelona pidió ocho años de prisión para Duran por estafa a entidades financieras, pero no se presentó al juicio. Hace más de un año que Enric permanece en la clandestinidad y actualmente planifica su defensa desde el activismo.  “Estoy promoviendo un sistema más justo, la justicia restaurativa, que es una alternativa que existe a nivel mundial y que lo quiero aplicar a mi caso, y he pedido un grupo de mediadores con las entidades bancarias y estamos ahora en este proceso”, señaló.


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