Ciutat Morta- Dead City- watch here + Review (English subs)


Death CityThis  is the award winning ‘DeadCity’ (Ciutat Morta) with English subtitles, finally seen on TV in Catalonia by over half a million this week (with 5 minutes censored).

Ciutat Morta (Dead City)

It tells the story of a police vendetta, torture,  and frame-up of  5 obviously and totally innocent people in vengeance for an ‘accident’ when a plant pot fell or was thrown on a policeman’s head, leaving him paraplegic, during a mass raid on a squatters party in Barcelona.  How police, politicians, press and Courts at every level combined to blame bystanders who looked like anarcho punks and hound to her death a lesbian poet who wasn’t even there.

Patricia Heras, poeta Patricia Heras   poeta

The documentary is an eye-opener on how rampant fascism, racism and sexism still rule in never reformed police and judicial systems, but more than that it’s a moving immersion into suffering and struggle, using the poems of Patricia Heras, written before she was finally driven to suicide.

After the docu was shown to a record audience on the 2nd channel people spontaneously took to the streets for a 1.00am demo through the city.

The fight to reopen the 4F case continues, now joining hands with other campaigns, against police murders and rubber bullet use,  the jailing of the anarchists, the gagging law, deportations and immigrant internment, support for 84 for trial for Can Vies Resistance Riots, etc

 800 people illegally occupy an old movie theater in Barcelona in order to screen a documentary. They rename the old building after a girl who committed suicide in 2011: Cinema Patricia Heras. Who was that girl? Why did she kill herself and what does the city have to do with it? That’s exactly what the squatting action is about: letting everyone know the truth about one of the worse corruption cases in Barcelona, the dead city.

Dead City demo…”Joan Clos, then mayor of Barcelona, said the officer had been injured as a result of a potted plant thrown from the roof of a nearby building. Days later the story was changed and police accused three people of throwing a rock at the officer. Two others were accused of hurling a fence at the officers.

The documentary Ciutat Morta or Dead City, directed by Xapo Ortega and Xavier Artigas, looked into the eight-year old case, putting a spotlight on the stories of the accused. “Justice for me has lost any value. I want revenge,” said Chilean Rodrigo Lanza, one of the three accused who served five years in prison for allegedly throwing a rock at the officer.

Patricia Heras, a brilliant gay poet, and Alfredo Pestana were arrested at Hospital del Mar hours after the clash, accused of throwing a fence at the police. The pair, who said they wound up at the hospital after Heras fell off her bike, were lumped in with the other suspects in the case, alleged the documentary, because of their “punk” style.

Despite the declaration of the ambulance drivers who said they had picked up the pair in another part of the city before bringing them to the hospital, Heras was eventually sentenced to three years in prison.img_35162

In 2011, while out on a pass from prison, Heras killed herself. In her diary, read throughout the documentary to convey her story, she wrote: “abuse of power, physical and mental aggressions, illegal detentions, tortures … I find it incredible that I can be part of this deadly joke just because my look is not normal”.

Since the TV screening of Ciutat Morta the whole edifice of State lies is trembling, and a retired policeman has put on You Tube videos of other police torture.

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