Varto Remains Under Popular Control With No Turkish Police Or Army In City Center


The popular democratic Kurdish uprising in Varto sparked by Turkish State atrocities continues, the governor has declared a state of emergency.

The city streets are barricaded and it is surrounded by a huge army buildup, including Cobra helicopters. Electricity, water and telephone services have been cut off.  from

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As the brutal Turkish crackdown continues a Kurdish uprising has begun, with towns and areas organising autonomously for ‘municipal anarchy’. Attention, all eyes on Varto! There is an imminent threat of a massacre being launched by the Turkish military against the town of Gimgim (Varto) where the Kurdish civilians on Sunday took control of the city center, forcing police and army to stay in their barracks. Turkish military started attacking the city at 23.00 local time Sunday. #VartoWatch is the news hashtag on twitter to keep an eye on what is happening in Varto tonight, please follow or use it for updates.

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HPG guerillas warn soldiers and police to stay off the streets in Varto

MUŞ – ANF /ANF 2015-08-16 11:40:01      HPG guerillas took control of Varto (Gimgim) district center, and clashes near the entrance of the district continue. Guerillas called the police and military stations in Varto, and warned officers and soldiers to stay off the streets for the security of their lives.

HPG guerillas had entered Varto around 20:30 last night after clashes against soldiers and police officers. Police and soldiers retreated to their bases last night, and trenches were dig throughout the district after which guerillas took control all streets. The bridge at the entrance of the district has exploded, and HPG guerillas have been controlling the roads to Muş, Karlıova, and Hınıs. Police and soldiers in Varto are unable to get out of their bases, and reinforcements approach the district from Muş and Hınıs, and heavy clashes are taking place between the guerillas and reinforcements from Muş.

As HPG guerillas control all streets in the district, Muş Governorship declared a curfew until a second announcement. HPG guerillas called the police and military stations here, and warned officers and soldiers to stay off the streets for the security of their lives. Guerillas noted that democratic autonomy has been declared in Varto, and PKK guerillas would be controlling the district.

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According to local sources, people control Varto and dug trenches across the district to prevent military and police vehicles’ entrance to neighborhoods.

Sources state that police and military personnel are not on the streets but often make threats and insults in order to provoke civilians.

In opposition to the state’s colonist policies, people of Varto had declared self-governance through the People’s Assembly and emphasized that they would not recognize state institutions. […]

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Confirmed: the woman tortured and killed by the Turkish Army is called Ekin Wan, a female fighter of the pkk that fell in full uniform. Ekin Wan was killed on August 10 at gimgim (Varto) as a result of a shooting with the Turkish forces of occupation.The Kurds are warning: ‘ do not we will keep in silence in the face of this act of barbarism.” We have decided to post the image of the Kurdish female fighter because the world needs to know what has happened. Her wounds are hidden out of respect for her family.

Revolución Real Ya's photo.
Revolución Real Ya's photo.
Revolución Real Ya's photo.

The Rojava Report


As of this evening Varto, or Gimgim Zazakî/Kurmancî, remains under popular control, according to a report from ANF.

According to information provided by DBP Party Council member Sırrı Sever at around 18:40 local time, “police and army units have been unable to enter the city.”

Sever added that the Turkish army was amassing soldiers in the Yenihastane district on the Karlıova road with reinforcements from being brought in from Hınıs, Karlıova and Muş. He said that “there was a great reaction being shown among the people following recent events and in particular the public exhibition of the naked body of a slain female guerilla. For this reason the people have taken up a posture of self-defense.”

The popular uprising in Varto follows similar events throughout North Kurdistan, where local assemblies have begun to issue proclamations of self-governance in response to a growing military crackdown carried out by the Turkish state…

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