Corbyn upgraded to ‘national security risk’: first step of ‘A Very British Coup’?

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Yesterday Jeremy Corbyn MP, a serial protester and radical campaigner, was elected in a landslide poll as leader of Britain’s Labour Party. On the same day Michael Fallon, the Defence Secretary, responded by declaring him a national security risk. At first this seemed more like a joke – there again, Corbyn’s socialist agenda terrifies the establishment. Presumably MI5 will now step up their surveillance of Corbyn and provide whatever scandal they can find on him to the Murdoch press as part of a wider destabilisation ‘coup’ that would also involve the collaboration of the Labour Party right. Moreover, by sanctioning Fallon’s declaration the Government also signalled an escalation of its assault on anti-establishment and anti-capitalist protesters generally, which it perceives as Corbyn’s true ‘constituency’. Let’s explore aspects of this further…

Yesterday, Conservative Party HQ emailed party activists with the following flyer. This flyer represents a clear message to Mr…

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