2 Anarchists Charged With Terrorism For Puppet Show

 titeresThe puppeteers were working for Títeres Desde Abajo (‘Puppets from Below’)
 by Chuck0  Infoshop News   February 6, 2016

Madrid ~ Two anarchist from the CNT who performed a “puppet show” were detained yesterday afternoon. cnt en defensa de la culturaThey  had been invited by  Madrid city hall to perform a puppet show for the kids for the week of Carnival, in one part of this puppet show they put out a banner thatg says “Gora Alka-ETA” which has double meanings.2469hmg

If you put “Gora ALKAETA” without a dash it could be saying “viva the mayor”(mayor in euskera is alkateta), but if you put it with dash it shows up as viva  “ETA” (which is recognized as the ex Basque guerrilla group).The signs included the made-up word ‘alka’, also creating a slogan involving a play on words to sound like “Long Live al-Qaeda”. puppets-genericSo the parent at the puppet show were “shocked”(as  they were described) and they right away called the police to complain that this puppet show was “supporting and promoting Terrorism”.

Also they were complaining that the puppet show  encouraged the kids “to occupy an empty house”.

Now these 2 comrades are charged with “Apología del terrorimso” which means they openly promoting and advocating terrorism, and could be sentenced 1 to 2 years in prison.titeres_abajo5

Their Facebook psge describes the puppet show….“Disguised with different faces, Don Cristóbal will try to crush a good witch, but she  loves her freedom above all and will not to be trampled by anyone.”

We found a lawyer for the comrades, but they still detained.Manifestacion-Madrid-encarcelamiento-titiriteros-Titeres_EDIIMA20160207_0257_19

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