Athens, Greece: Statement from Anarchist Collective Rouvikonas on the occupation of Speedex HQ

Insurrection News

On the 14th of February Panagiotis Vrettaros, father of two children, died in a road accident. He was not on this job part-time or in order to add some extra money to his main income. In contrast, he had been a professional driver for 16 consecutive years in his latest company alone. His death was not an accident or a ”bad time”. His death was a corporate murder that entails a certain motive and moral instigators. The motive is nothing else than the maximization of profits of his employers, Fourlis and Sfakianakis, and the indirect moral instigators are those managers and executives whose salary increase is analogous to the increase of the productivity of low-paid workers.

To put it simply: unpaid overtime, complete lack of protective equipment (helmet, raincoats, boots, gloves, biker jackets etc), complete disregard for weather conditions, criminally incomplete bike (and other vehicle) maintenance. These are the pieces…

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