Afrin: Erdogan’s Fascist invasion Stalled in Bloodbath on both sides.

”Updated balance of SDFs of Turkish terrorist attacks with 405 deaths up to Saturday, January 27, 2018.” The SDF detail 308 ‘Turkish and mercenary’ and 97 local deaths so far  ” But Erdogan’s invading forces proudly claim to have murdered nearly 500 local people.      

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some of the volunteers from the self defense forces killed by the Turkish invasion

from  Forces Democràtiques Sirianes     The Central Command of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDR) has issued a STATEMENT on the ongoing confrontations with the Turkish army. In the same he reports that in the last seven days 308 Turkish soldiers and mercenaries, including four officers and a leader of the Turkish bands, died. 54 civilians died and 134 were injured by terrorist attacks by the Turkish army. Finally, 43 SDF combatants lost their lives during the fighting.

(note: the SDF does not normally exaggerate. Sputnik also reported the 308 deaths HERE. The SDF is the multi ethnic revolutionary army that defeated ISIS and includes the YPG/J and  Arab, Christian, Yazidi , Turkmen, International Brigade etc.  )

“Our forces are fulfilling their duties heroically against the brutal attacks of the Turkish state and defending the people of Afrin against the Turkish invasion and the attacks of Front Al-Nusra.” Nusra is currently called HTS and is the former Al Qaeda in Syria.

Original in Kurdi here....Ji QSD’ê daxuyaniya encamên hovîtiya dagirkeriya TirkiyeyêNavenda Çapemeniya Hêzên Sûriya Demokratîk (QSD) bi daxuyaniyekê encamên êrîşa dewleta dagirker a Tirkiyeyê û çeteyên girêdayî wê li dijî herêma Efrînê

The SDF said that despite having technological advantages, NATO weapons and German tanks (Leopard models), the Turkish army could not advance against the SDF fighters and suffered a great number of losses.

INTERNATIONALS …NO PASARAN Şervanên Enternasyonal Ber bi Efrînê ve Ketin Rê … Di roja 5. A berxwedana Efrînê de bi dehan ….

The balance of the Turkish attack against Efrîn, Manbij and Kobanê has been published by SDF and is as follows:

Canton Efrîn

1. 699 artillery and mortar attacks

2. 191 air strikes

3. A helicopter attack

4. Continuous reconnaissance plane activities

5. 136 confrontations with the Turkish army and the mercenary bands

6. There were 308 attackers (soldiers and members of Turkish bands) killed and two were injured. These numbers include four Turkish officials and leader of Liwa Al Semarqen, Ehmet Fayiz. SDF took possession of bodies of four Turkish soldiers.

7. Our forces confiscated military equipment and documents from the Turkish army.

8. Four armored vehicles of type “Akrep”, 4 armored vehicles, a truck with a heavy machine gun, two tanks, an excavator and a car were hit by the SDF

9. The result of seven confrontations with the Turkish army can not be clarified

10. 43 SDF fighters ‘became martyrs’. This includes three fighters from the  Yekîneyên Parastinê yên Jinê ((Women’s Defense Units, YPJ).

11. 53 civilians were killed and 134 civilians were injured as a result of the attacks by the Turkish army.


The Turkish backed mercenary bands spontaneously attacked the military positions of the SDF with heavy machine guns.

Cantó de Kobanê

The Turkish army attacked three times in the town of Zormixar with heavy weapons.

Cantó de Cizirê / Al Jazira

Three civilians died due to artillery and mortar attacks by the Turkish army.


note: ”Already the invasion seems to be getting bogged down despite the immense Turkish superiority in numbers and armaments. It seems that Erdogan cannot use his own infantry of unwilling drafted soldiers for fear of mutiny, and must rely on mercenaries recruited from the dregs of failed Syrian militias, who are happy to take Turkish salaries but understandably unwilling to give their lives. (see also Turkish op in Afrin leaves ‘grim tally’ of children killed, ‘fleeing families’ in Syria – UNICEF)

original en catalá

Balanç actualitzat de les SDF dels atacs terroristes turcs amb 405 morts

El Comandament Central de les Forces Democràtiques Sirianes (Syrian Democratic Forces, SDF) h a publicat una declaració sobre els enfrontaments en curs amb l’exèrcit turc. En el mateix comunica que en els últims set dies van morir 308 soldats i mercenaris turcs, inclosos quatre oficials i un líder de les bandes pro turques. Van morir 54 civils i 134 van resultar ferits pels atacs terroristes de l’exèrcit turc. Finalment 43 combatents de l’SDF van perdre la vida durant els enfrontaments.

“Les nostres forces compleixen els seus deures heroicament contra els brutals atacs de l’estat turc i defensen el poble d’Afrin contra la invasió turca i els atacs del Front Al-Nusra”. Nusra actualment anomenat HTS és l’antiga Al Qaeda a Síria.

SDF va dir que malgrat tenir avantatges tecnològics, armes de l’OTAN i tancs alemanys (models Leopard), l’exèrcit turc no podia avançar contra els combatents de l’SDF i va patir grans pèrdues.

El balanç de l’atac turc contra Efrîn, Manbij i Kobanê publicat per SDF és el següent:

Cantó Efrîn

1. 699 atacs d’artilleria i morter

2. 191 atacs aeris

3. Un atac d’helicòpter

4. Activitats de plans continus de reconeixement

5. 136 enfrontaments amb l’exèrcit turc i les bandes

6. Es van matar 308 atacants (soldats i membres de bandes pro turques) i dos van resultar ferits. Aquests números inclouen quatre oficials turcs i líder de Liwa Al Semarqen, Ehmet Fayiz. SDF va prendre possessió de cossos de quatre soldats turcs.

7. Les nostres forces van confiscar diversos equips i documents militars de l’exèrcit turc.

8. Quatre vehicles blindats de tipus “Akrep”, 4 vehicles blindats, un camió amb una ametralladora pesada, dos tancs, una excavadora i un automòbil van ser afectats per SDF

9. No es pot aclarir el resultat de set enfrontaments amb l’exèrcit turc

10. 43 lluitadors de l’SDF van ser màrtirs. Això inclou tres lluitadores de les Yekîneyên Parastinê yên Jinê (Unitats de Defensa de Dones, YPJ).

11. 53 civils van morir i 134 civils van resultar ferits com a conseqüència de l’atac de l’exèrcit turc.


Les bandes turques recolzades van atacar espontàniament les posicions militars de l’SDF amb ametralladores pesades.

Cantó de Kobanê

L’exèrcit turc va atacar tres vegades al poble de Zormixar amb armes pesades.

Cantó de Cizirê / Al Jazira

Tres civils van morir a causa dels atacs d’artilleria i morter de l’exèrcit turc.

“The grim tally of children killed in Syria in the past two weeks has increased daily as violence escalates in several areas across the country,” Fran Equiza, UNICEF Representative in Syria, said in a statement titled “Is the world becoming numb to the killing of children?” on Friday.

 August 8, 2017: SDF’s Raqqa Operation in Photos..HERE..

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