Defending Afrin means Defending the Women’s Revolution.

..”Erdogan’s fascism will be stopped”..

Janet Biehl is a revolutionary writer and activist who is publicising and spreading through Europe the feminist ideas of the current Social Revolution in Syria and Turkey and  the key influence of anarchist theorist Murray Bookchin on Ocalan.  .see also…RADICAL CITIES AND SOCIAL REVOLUTION: AN INTERVIEW WITH JANET BIEHL

Source: Near East Destination  by Sara A. de Ceano-Vivas.              The Kurdistan women’s movement in Afrin, Kongra Star, has made a global appeal to all women and feminist groups to stand in solidarity with Afrin’s resistance through actions and protests.

#YPJ ;  UK fighter Kimmie celebrating Victory in #Raqqa. A beautiful day after months of hardship.

In support of the call for women in the city of Tibersipiye, in the canton of Cizire, this morning a non-mixed demonstration took place in the center of the city. Likewise, the European march from Luxburgo to Strasbourg, where more than 200 people from 17 different countries are participating, have expressed their support for the feminist solidarity campaign in their official communiqué.      

A YPJ volunteer helps rescue enslaved women from ISIS at the end of the battle for Manbij.
 “In addition to racist, religious-fundamentalist and sexist oppression, Turkey aims to erase the vestiges of the history of women and the matriarchal and egalitarian culture in our region,” reads the statement, which was read in the capital of Afrin yesterday. the morning.
The bombings on the temple of Ain Dara, which harbored traces of matricental culture in the territory have been completely eliminated.
The one meter long footprints, symbolizing the presence of the goddess Ishtar in the sacred place, as well as the relief of the winged lion with the head of a woman, were a unique representation of the important role played by women during the Neolithic revolution of the first settlements in the region. “Bombing and devastating this temple the Turks seek to establish by force their patriarchal and fascist order,” the statement continues. The Turkish army and its allies of radical Islamist factions, such as the Hayat Tahrir Al-Sham group, the former al-Qaeda branch in Syria, turn women into targets and spoils of war.
The violence exerted on the combatant Barin Kobani, who was mutilated and her body broadcast on video through the internet, demonstrates the misogenic and femicide mentality of these groups.

Like Daesh (Islamic State) forced women to wear the burqa, to always be accompanied by a male relative or forced marriages, both adult women and girls, the patriarchal mentality of the Islamist factions allied to Turkey, have applied this same policy to women in the territories they control.

Lamiya Aji Bashar, an 18-year-old Yazidi girl who escaped her Islamic State captors. Sheiddd one of thousands of women tortured, raped and sold a slaves. Many survivoirs have now formed a women’s militia and are fighting ISIS alongside the women’s YPJ of the Rojava revolution.
 Even the President of the Republic of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, made propaganda in favor of the war using a girl who was not more than six years old, covering her head and shoulders with a hijab, recited an Islamist poem in the parliamentary session of February 6.
The verses were those of the Turkish nationalist, Ziya Gokalp, who say the following: “the minarets are our bayonets, the domes our helmets, the mosques our barracks and the believers our soldiers.” To end the intervention shouting loudly “Allahu akbar”.

According to Kongra Star sources, the YPJ forces and civilian female forces have gathered around ten thousand volunteers to defend Afrin.

YPJ forces now fighting in the desperate defence of Afrin thousands of German made tanks and NATO warplanes

After six years of revolution, where autonomous democratic structures for women, cooperatives and academies have been built, where women have been protected against domestic violence, where labor insertion and economic independence have been promoted, women in the territory know that under the rule of Turkey everything for which they have fought would vanish.

That is why thousands of women have decided that they prefer to die fighting rather than losing everything they have built with so much effort and sacrifice.

Some of them have already given their lives, as has the case of Avêsta Xabûr, who, following in the footsteps of Arîn Mîrkan, carried out a self-sacrificing action to prevent the entry of Turkish tanks into the territory on 27 June. January.

To honor the memory of the fighter in Afrin, a cemetery has been inaugurated with the name of the fighter and in Kobane a school has also been renamed with her name.

Throughout the day a strong propaganda through social networks, under the HT #WomenRiseUpForAfrin, has spread the request of the women of Afrin.

“While international institutions and governments are silent on abuses of international law and war crimes, we believe that women’s international solidarity will be our strongest weapon to defeat fascism and patriarchy.”
The appeal calls for Women from all over the world carry out actions, protests, marches and campaigns in social networks and send the photos or videos to the address

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Amidst the Syrian civil war and on the front lines of the fight against ISIS, the Kurdish people in northern Syria are building a face-to-face democratic, gender-equal, and ecological revolution from the ground up.

Inspired in part by the ideas of Murray Bookchin, the Kurdish people have organized an autonomous territory the size of Connecticut named Rojava, based on these principles. \

However, the Kurdish movement in northern Syria and in southeastern Turkey is facing extreme repression by the authoritarian government of Tayyip Erdogan in Turkey.

Role of The USA

”One great contradiction of the Rojava Revolution is its current dependence on military support from the US to survive. Caught in a pincer between hostile forces like Turkey, ISIS, Al Qaeda, Syria, Iran, Iraq and a new Russian betrayal, the Syrian Democratic Forces, SDF, (which include the Kurdish YPG and women’s YPJ) have by default accepted aid from the imperialist US state who have helped defeat ISIS but have gone on to establish bases and a permanent presence.

The SDF needs US help to resist the fascist Turkish invasion, but also needs to keep the US at arms length and refuse the miitarist, misogynist and capitalist US culture”.

original en español

Defender Afrin significa defender la Revolución de las Mujeres. ‘No pasará’ el fascismo de Erdogan

original en castellano ..Fuente: Destino Oriente Próximo

Autoría: Sara A. de Ceano-Vivas

Fecha: 09/03/18

Ayer 8 de marzo, el movimiento de mujeres de Kurdistan en Afrin, Kongra Star, ha hecho un llamamiento mundial a todas las mujeres y grupos feministas a solidarizarse con la resistencia de Afrin a través de acciones y protestas. En apoyo al llamamiento mujeres en la ciudad de Tibersipiye, en el cantón de Cizire, han realizado esta mañana una manifestación no mixta que ha recorrido el centro de la ciudad. Así mismo la marcha europea de Luxmburgo a Estrasburgo, donde participan más de 200 personas de 17 países diferentes, han expresado su adhesión a la campaña de solidaridad feminista en su comunicado oficial.Además de la opresión racista, religioso-fundamentalista y sexista, Turquía aspira a borrar los vestigios de la historia de las mujeres y la cultura matriarcal e igualitaria en nuestra región.” reza el comunicado, que fue leído en la capital de Afrin ayer por la mañana. Los bombardeos sobre el templo de Ain Dara, que albergaban vestigios de la cultura matricental en el territorio han sido completamente eliminados.

Las pisadas de un metro de largo, que simbolizaban la presencia de la diosa Ishtar en el sagrado lugar, así como el relieve del león alado con cabeza de mujer, eran una representación única del importante papel que jugaron las mujeres durante la revolución neolítica de los primeros asentamientos en la región. “Bombardeando y devastando este templo los turcos procuran establecer por la fuerza su orden patriarcal y fascista.” continua la declaración.

El ejército turco y sus aliados de las facciones islamistas radicales, como el grupo Hayat Tahrir Al-Sham antigua rama de Al-Qaeda en Siria, convierten a las mujeres en objetivos y botines de guerra. La violencia ejercida sobre la combatiente Barin Kobani, que fue mutilada y su cuerpo difundido en video a través de internet, demuestra la mentalidad misógena y feminicida de estos grupos.

Al igual que Daesh (Estado Islámico) obligaba a las mujeres a vestir el burka, a ir siempre acompañas de un familiar masculino o a los matrimonios forzosos, tanto de mujeres adultas como de niñas, la mentalidad patriarcal de las facciones islamistas aliadas de Turquía, han aplicado esta misma política a las mujeres en los territorios que controlan.

Inclusive el presidente de la República de Turquía, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, hizo propaganda a favor de la guerra utilizando a una niña que no tendría más de seis años, que cubriendo su cabeza y hombros con un hijab, recitó un poema islamista en la sesión parlamentaria del 6 de febrero. Los versos fueron los del nacionalista turco, Ziya Gokalp, que dicen lo siguiente: “los minaretes son nuestras bayonetas, las cúpulas nuestros cascos, las mezquitas nuestros cuarteles y los creyentes nuestros soldados.” Para acabar la intervención gritando fuertemente “Allahu akbar”.Según fuentes de las Kongra Star, las fuerzas de las YPJ y las fuerzas femeninas civiles han juntado alrededor de diez mil voluntarias para la defensa de Afrin. Tras seis años de revolución, donde se han levantado estructuras autónomas democráticas para mujeres, cooperativas y academias, donde se ha protegido a las mujeres contra la violencia doméstica, donde se ha promovido la insercción laboral y la independencia económica, las mujeres en el territorio saben que bajo el dominio de Turquía todo aquello por lo que han luchado se desvanecería. Por ello miles de mujeres han decidido que prefieren morir peleando antes que perder todo lo que han construido con tanto esfuerzo y sacrificio.

Algunas de ellas ya han dado su vida, como ha sido el caso de Avêsta Xabûr, que siguiendo los pasos de Arîn Mîrkan, llevó a cabo una acción de auto-sacrificio para impedir la entrada de los tanques turcos en el territorio el pasado 27 de enero. Para honrar la memoria de la luchadora en Afrin se ha inagurado un cementerio con el nombre de la combatiente y en Kobane un colegio ha sido rebautizado también con su nombre.

Durante todo el día de hoy una fuerte propaganda por la redes sociales, bajo el HT #WomenRiseUpForAfrin, ha difundido la petición de las mujeres de Afrin. “Mientras las instituciones internacionales y los gobierno guardan silencio sobre los abusos de la ley internacional y los crímenes de guerra, nosotras creemos que la solidaridad internacional de las mujeres será nuestra arma más fuerte para derrotar al fascismo y al patriarcado.” El llamamiento solicita que mujeres de todo el mundo realicen acciones, protestas, marchas y campañas en las redes sociales y envíen las fotos o videos a la dirección

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