CNT Dock Strike in Barcelona.. Comminiqué and Insight


16 FEB …The Dockers have been reinstated in their jobs and VICTORY declared for now


”Our affiliates are accused of putting their own lives ahead of the economic benefits of the company. And that’s why they ARE DISMISSED.

700 people die each year in work accidents in the Spanish State. THIS STRIKE IS FOR THEM. This strike is for all of you, WORKERS, who, like our companions, are forced day after day to choose between your safety or your sustenance.

First of all, DIGNITY. Soon they will know that we are not merchandise.



Statement on the dismissal of three Dockers in the Port of Barcelona

Enviat per Sec. Premsa

Dismissal of three union workers without any cause. The message is clear: the firm defense of workers’ rights is not allowed. We pick up the glove. One month before the Trial for Collective Conflict is held before the Social Chamber of the Superior Court of Justice of Catalonia, our company MOORING & PORT SERVICE intends to gain an advantage .that will allow it to influence collective bargaining

Three of our affiliates of the Mooring Section of the Port of Barcelona were dismissed yesterday after the disciplinary file that the company opened last Friday, accusing the workers of having disobeyed an order from the company to perform a special service.

The company has ordeed the dismissal without considering ANY of the allegations of the workers:

– That the conduct they now punish can not be a reason for sanction, because the company had tolerated it until now, in which, surprisingly, it has executed 3 dismissals.

– That the behavior that is punished is classified as SERIOUS (and not very serious) in our disciplinary regime, so the maximum penalty is 30 days of employment and salary.

– That the sanction to one of the workers was prescribed.

– That a worker is not obliged to execute the orders of the company if they entail a danger, they are illegal or if they do not belong to their duties.

Our company, MOORING & PORT SERVICE, provides mooring and unmooring services to merchant ships that enter and leave the Port of Barcelona. But the owner of MOORING has another port services company: RUDDER LOGÍSTICS. To save costs, and as we are on duty 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, instead of hiring their own staff, they use our staff (ILLEGAL ASSIGNMENT OF WORKERS) to do some services that:

-Do not appear in our contract

-Do not appear in the functions of our agreement or in the internal reguloations

-Do not appear in the Occupational Risk Prevention Plan of the company.

– They are jobs for which we have not received training and which entail a high intrinsic danger   (handling of cranes, transport of dangerous goods, etc.).

– These are jobs that, in many cases, are illegal, since we transport dangerous goods by sea without respecting international regulations, as well as the transport of people from ships to the city without any control or registration, without going through customs. , etc. (We would be delighted that the company gave those facilities to people in need of refuge that die every day in the Mediterranean, but certainly not the case.).

Our affiliates are accused of putting their own lives ahead of the economic benefits of the company. And that’s why they ARE DISMISSED.

700 people die each year in work accidents in the Spanish State. THIS STRIKE IS FOR THEM. This strike is for all of you, WORKERS, who, like our companions, are forced day after day to choose between your safety or your sustenance.

First of all, DIGNITY. Soon they will know that we are not merchandise.



PS: We did not want to miss the opportunity to transmit a MESSAGE to a special person. IGNACIO BERRUEZO: you must know that the CNT is not intimidated by the port MAFIA.

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The CNT rejects the conditions of the company to readmit the moorings of the port of Barcelona and keep the strike

Mooring & Port wants to keep a very serious sanction on workers to oppose doing tasks that exceed their obligations, and to force them to renounce their right to challenge it through judicial channels
Assembly on February 7 to support the three dismissed workers
by Gemma Garcia  02/12/2018

It is two thirty seven in the afternoon on Wednesday, February 7th and about a hundred workers gather at the Muelle de Sant Beltran 4, at Tinglado 3, of the labyrinth port of Barcelona. CNT Portuaris has called an assembly to the Mooring & Port company following the dismissal of three moorings.

The ties of solidarity between maritime workers are solid and have become evident on other occasions, as with the fight against the dismantling of the sector. Everyone responds to the call: the CGT tug boat group, the Tepsa liquid liquor storage company, the Union de Trabajadores del Puerto Union (USTP) and the Port Dockers Organization (Coordinator BCN), as well as members of the Business Committee of the Worker Organization of Port Company (OTEP).

The assembly was key. The CNT had already made a strike announcement for February 15, 16 and 17 in case of non-readmission of the three workers, but at that meeting it was agreed .to push all together to pressure the company

Only two days later, with a conciliation meeting in between, Mooring it was reported that he would readmit the three workers. “With the strike announcement we have used our negotiating force,” says Enrique Costoya, the lawyer of the anarchist union, who was clear that victory is the result of not only the pressure of the squad but the whole port that has given us support “.

But the three workers then received a letter of dismissal on February 1, where they were accused of having “disobeyed the direct orders of their hierarchical superiors”

Costoya regrets that Mooring intends to maintain a very serious penalty and to force the moorings to renounce their right to challenge it by judicial means. “We can not accept it, so let’s go on strike,” he concludes.

Disobedience referred to the fact that the three, on different dates, had refused to carry out the supply of a vessel of the same company, because, according to the mooring agreement, it is not part of its obligations.

The document defines that they carry out “tasks of mooring or unloading of ships, as well as other tasks related to the internal traffic of ports according to the use and practice of each of them.” The cargo of merchandise is not contemplated in the plan of prevention of occupational hazards of the company and doing so may mean end up manipulating carts and pallets with corrosive, toxic or flammable products.

The company opened a disciplinary record although the Workers Agreement  itself states that “mere disobedience to its superiors in any matter of service” is a serious fault, but which can only entail suspension of work and salary of two to thirty days / Gemma Garcia….

In the middle of the conflict, the CNT also warned on social networks that the company had given orders to put all vehicles in a ship to avoid retaliation by the union. Under this pretext, they welded an internal pin and installed a loop leaving all the lathe workers locked in.

A collective conflict as a backdrop

The collective conflict is due to be resolved on March 15 in the High Court of Justice of Catalonia. The origin is in the refusal of the company to pay 96 hours extra to a dismissed worker. His count of hours, explains the CNT, had exceeded the annual work time of 1,836 hours established in the Workers’ Statute and in May of 2015, a judge gave the reason.

On the one hand, the hours that exceed the established, by being overtime, are voluntary not obligatory and, on the other, they should be paid.

The workers of the CNT already put on the table that Mooring, with the layoffs, had tried to influence the collective conflict that will be resolved on March 15th in the High Court of Justice of Catalonia…..At present, moorings are working around 2,000 annual hours and therefore there are about sixty more. Mooring & Port Services SL ended the monopoly of the mooring and unpacking service in the port of Barcelona that was in the hands of CEMESA.

In total, there are about 110 moorings, half in each company, and despite being a little-known and recognized work it is essential to dock or untie the boats. Although they mainly carry out their work on land, they occasionally provide maritime support with auxiliary boats when the ropes are heavy and it is necessary to bring them closer.

Created in 2012, Mooring pays its workers 1,300 euros per month with the pro rata of extraordinary payments included. The president of the company, Igancio Berruezo Calm, holds positions in a total of 24 companies, according to business registration data, among them and as general manager at Rudder Logistic SL, the firm that develops logistics tasks such as reception, storage and freight transport.


Huelga de amarradores en Barcelona. Concentraciones este jueves, viernes y sábado

14 Feb 2018
Comunicado ante el despido de tres amarradores en el Port de Barcelona
Un mes antes de que se celebre el juicio por Conflicto Colectivo ante la sala de lo social del Tribunal Superior de Justicia de Catalunya, nuestra empresa MOORING & PORT SERVICE pretende ganar una baza que le permita influir en las negociaciones colectivas y de paso ejemplarizar a la plantilla.

Despide a tres trabajadores del Sindicato sin ningún tipo de causa. El mensaje es claro: no se permite la defensa firme de los derechos de los trabajadores. Recogemos el guante.


Así, tres de nuestros afiliados de la Sección de Amarradores del Port de Barcelona fueron ayer despedidos tras finalizar el expediente disciplinario que abrió la empresa el viernes pasado acusando a los trabajadores de haber desobedecido una orden de la empresa para realizar un servicio especial.

La empresa ha resuelto el despido sin tener en consideración NINGUNA de las alegaciones de los trabajadores:

-Que la conducta que ahora castigan no puede ser motivo de sanción, pues la empresa la había tolerado hasta este momento, en el que, sorpresivamente, ha ejecutado 3 despidos.

-Que la conducta que se sanciona es catalogada como falta GRAVE (y no muy grave) en nuestro régimen disciplinario, por lo que la sanción máxima son 30 días de empleo y sueldo.

-Que la sanción a uno de los trabajadores estaba prescrita.

-Que un trabajador no está obligado a ejecutar las órdenes de la empresa si entrañan un peligro, son ilegales o si no son propias de sus funciones.

Nuestra empresa, MOORING & PORT SERVICE, presta servicios de amarre y desamarre a los buques mercantes que entran y salen del Puerto de Barcelona. Pero el dueño de MOORING tiene otra empresa de servicios portuarios: RUDDER LOGÍSTICS. Para ahorrar costes, y como nosotros estamos de guardía 24 horas al día 365 días al año, en vez de contratar personal propio usa a nuestra plantilla (CESIÓN ILEGAL DE TRABAJADORES) para hacer unos servicios que:

-No aparecen en nuestro contrato

-No aparecen en las funciones de nuestro convenio ni en el régimen interno

-No aparecen en el Plan de Prevención de Riesgos Laborales de la empresa.

-Son trabajos para el que no hemos recibido formación y que entrañan un alto peligro intrínseco

(manejo de grúas, transporte de mercancías peligrosas, etc.).

-Son trabajos que, en muchos casos, son ilegales, ya que transportamos mercancías peligrosas por la mar sin respetar la normativa internacional, así como el transporte de personas de los buques a la ciudad sin ningún tipo de control ni registro, sin pasar por aduanas, etc. (Estaríamos encantados de que la empresa diera esas facilidades a las personas necesitadas de refugio que cada día mueren en el Mediterráneo, pero desde luego no es el caso.).

A nuestros afiliados les acusan de poner su vida por delante de los beneficios económicos de la empresa. Y por eso ESTÁN DESPEDIDOS.

700 personas mueren al año en accidentes de trabajo en el Estado Español. ESTA HUELGA ES POR ELLOS. Esta huelga es por todos vosotros, TRABAJADORES, que, igual que nuestros compañeros, sois obligados día tras día a elegir entre vuestra seguridad o vuestro sustento.

Ante todo, DIGNIDAD. Pronto sabrán que no somos mercancía.




PD: No queríamos desaprovechar la ocasión para transmitir un MENSAJE a una persona especial. IGNACIO BERRUEZO: has de saber que la CNT no se amedrenta ante la MAFIA portuaria.

Primer aviso.

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