Dutch protest against Shell, Exxon fracking, Earthquakes

from DEAR KITTY with thanks    Translation Dutch NOS TVPietrerzijl protest against fracking, photo by RTV Noord | Marco Grimmon

This photo shows today’s protest against fracking in Pieterzijl, a village on the border of Groningen and Friesland provinces. The banner says: Don’t let Friesland down. Behind it, the flag of Groningen province.

About one hundred people have taken action at Pieterzijl

160 people live in Pieterzijl village.

against the latest drilling site of the NAM.

The NAM is a joint venture of Shell and Exxon Big Oil corporations. Their gas drilling has caused very much damage in Groningen and in Drenthe provinces.

They are afraid of still more earthquakes and protest against gas extraction through fracking. In fracking, also called hydraulic cracking, gas is extracted from deep underground by adding chemicals.

At the end of last month, Minister Wiebes decided that the gas drilling in Groningen should stop before 2030. At the same time it became known that the NAM at Pieterzijl is allowed to extract gas by means of fracking until 2025. According to Wiebes, this method is completely safe. Local residents of Pieterzijl do not agree with this.

Poison in the soil

Alderman Henk Bakker of Zuidhorn local authority said to RTV Noord broadcasting organisation: “We do not think that exploitation of this gas field is sensible, and we do not want fracking at all: poison in the soil is never sustainable.”

Last night, an earthquake of 2.8 was reported at Garsthuizen, about forty kilometers from Pieterzijl. Approximately twenty damage reports have been received.

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