Defend Rojava Revolution: both Assad and Erdogan threaten Genocide

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 ‘TheFreeOnline’ blog banned in Turkey with Dozens more pro Rojava and anti Fascist sites 

Many posts have been written saying the awful Syrian war will end when the Idlib enclave finally falls to Assad’s Syrian army.

Wishful thinking perhaps. Turkey has set up 12 bases in Idlib and is busy recruiting the various militias, offering them 500 Turkish Lira a month when their wages from various foreign backers have largely been cut off. Those that refuse will be isolated, divided and broken down, at least that’s the plan.

Erdogan the Turkish leader has repeatedly vowed to conquer all the original Ottoman Empire, which includes all of Northern Syria and Iraq, and has already invaded Afrin with a bloodbath, as well as Jarablus, Azaz, Al Bab, etc (see map below)  and now Idlib.

See Also Update: Turkey boasts of murders as Rojava genocide begins, SDF suspends ISIS offensive

Next step will surely be to use his swelling army of Arab mercenaries to attack all Rojava, destroy the democratic and feminist revolution and install the full scale genocidal Turkification programs.

Turkish dictator Recep Tayyip Erdogan issued another“final warning” that he will order another illegal invasion of Rojava in Syria on Friday 27th Oct 2018. Speaking to a group of provincial leaders of his AK Party in Ankara Erdogan said that “we will eliminate the threat to Turkey” . The Turkish president stated that the east of the Euphrates would be cleared of terrorists and “returned to its rightful owners,” i.e. The Ottoman Empire, with Turkish paid FSA terrorists, many ex-ISIS, taking back Raqqa, etc. from the Councils promoted by the democratic and secular SDF.

Now it is becoming possible that Assad may go along with Erdogan’s next invasion, allowing the neo fascist Turkish regime indulge in genocide in common hatred of the Kurds, as he already did in Afrin.


The Kurds have rejected separatism and argue for a federal solution, they have taken over a third of Syria, setting up progressive and inclusive infrastructures of all kinds, as well as a new force, the SDF ,a fast expanding multi ethnic, multi religion, anti sexist, non authoritarian federation, which includes women and dozens of groups of all religions and races.

Now Walid al-Muallem, Foreign Minister of Assad, has announced that federalism can not be an exit to the demands of the Kurdish minority.

Reason? The Constitution, sacred book written by the Arab majority, does not allow it. The Syrian constitution, a text written by and for Arab nationalists which does not recognize minorities, rights or respect the difference. The same text that imposes that only a Muslim can be Syrian President.

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad speaking to press in Damascus on Monday. Photo: AFP/HO/SANA
Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has condemned as “traitors” Kurds ”allied with the United States” in the north of the country.

End of the debate, End of respect. End of dialogue. Initiation, then, of imperialism, of Arab supremacism, of contempt for the minority and, after all, of its subjugation.

Paraphrasing Miquel Iceta, who on the same day warned the Catalan minority to ”learn from the past”, in commemoration of the execution by the central State of their President Lluís Companys, Muallem affirmed the agency of the regime, Sana (Arab Syrian news agency) that the Kurds “Have to learn from the lessons of the past. The Syrian decree is to extend its sovereignty over the Kurdish region.”

Either obey or we will crush you.

The Kurdish defense forces, the YPG and YPJ, continue  resisting in Turkish occupied Afrin against a huge NATO equipped modern army, thousands of  FSA mercenaries recruited from ex ISIS and Jihadist arab militias, and an extensive colonisation and Turkification program .

Fighters from the Jaysh al-Izza (the Army of Glory), affiliated with the Turkish-backed Free Syrian Army, FSA,  in a training session, Idlib, Syria, April 9, 2018.

The Kurdish led SDF (Syrian Democratic Forces) are bogged down fighting the experienced, well equipped and well dug in ISIS survivors in Haijin,  Deir Ez Zor on the Iraqi border (See ANHA report below).

The SDF fighting ISIS get equipped by the US, but it’s clear after they turned a blind eye to the Afrin invasion that the Americans will not back them against Assad, Erdogan and the Russians . Nor do the Kurdish led progressives wish to be used by the imperial US invaders, although they have no other backers except brave internationalist volunteers.

Erdogan ordered the illegal and genocidal invasion and Turkification of Afrin, killing, looting and exiling half the population. And murdering our comrades there to defend the democratic revolution, including Anna and Haukur , see photo above.

Foreign volunteers also joined the SDF and many have died resisting ISIS jihadist terrorists or directly by their Turkish sponsor.

Only Russia could force a solution, but Putin has shown clearly that they are willing to  let Erdogan have his evil genocidal way: the Turks and their mercenaries could only take over Afrin with massive  bombing by their NATO equipped airforce. They could only do that with express permission from the Russians who control the air space. (see.. is powerless to defend Syria against because it needs the and )

In return Erdogan has promised to buy the latest Russian air defense system and allow the Turkstream 2 pipeline to supply Russian gas to Europe, etc.

Still, Russia did force Erdogan to back down before in 2015, when he downed a Russian plane in Syria, and there is some hope that clever Putin could force a solution, perhaps with collaboration of a future new and less insane US government.

How Syria ‘Disappeared’ 120,000 Kurdish people

It’s well known, despite Turkish cover ups, how Turkey historically massacres and oppresses its minority communities, especially the Kurds. But in Syria too the Kurdish minority were effectively disappeared, this time by the Arab state. (see also.. Nusaybin surrenders after 74 days total ruins and deafening silence)

”56 years ago, the Syrian Arab supremacist government excluded the Kurdish minority from any civil rights. This norm, approved on October 23, 1962, excluded Kurds from Syrian society.

To achieve this a census was made which determined that there were 120,000 Kurds in Syria representing one-fifth of the population and divided them into two groups:

Ajanib, meaning “foreign” Arabic, was Syrian people of Kurdish ethnicity who could not prove they had lived in Syria before 1945. They were considered “foreigners” or “unregistered”. They participated in the census but this served to revoke their citizenship.

Maktumin, in Arabic “hidden”, were those who did not even participate in the census and, therefore, could not subsequently prove that they were in Syria in 1962. They simply ceased to exist. Therefore they did not have any right: neither education, nor to work, nor to have properties nor to marry legally.

In practice it was difficult to prove with documents that one lived in Syria before 1945 so that the immense part of Syrian Kurds became Ajanib or Makmutin.

To the dispossession of the citizenship was followed the dispossession of the earth and, between 1965 and 1975, the government expelled 30,000 Kurds from their towns expropriating the earth from them. The vast majority did not have anywhere to go and moved to the two big cities, Aleppo and Damascus.

The origin of the important Kurdish community in these cities is precisely this dispossession. Nowadays, the Kurds make up the majority in two districts of the center of Aleppo, Ashrafiyeh and Sheikh Maqsoud, and are 9% of the city of Jasmine, mainly in the neighborhoods of Rukneddin, Hay Al Akrad and Zorova. While the former have preserved their language, in Damascus most Kurds are currently Arabic speakers.

The third step, legislated in 1967 was, as in Turkey,  to prohibit any mention of the Kurds in textbooks. Even the names of persons or place names in the Kurdish language were prohibited, imposing Arabic at all levels. In this way, the ethnic minority was totally oppressed and its integration in the Arab magma was intended.

see also   PDF]Persecution and Discrimination against Kurdish Citizens in Syria

translated from KurdisCat.. shared with thanks.

Over 2,350 Syrian Civilians taken hostage by Turkish Forces Since illegal Occupation of Afrin

Posted by Internationalist 360°on

TEHRAN (FNA)- Over 2,350 Syrian civilians have been arrested, peoples’ assets have been looted and Northern Syria’s infrastructures have been massively destroyed since Ankara forces occupied Afrin region in Northwestern Aleppo almost 7 months ago, a Kurdish media outlet reported on Sunday.(see also:Turkish Terrorist Erdogan orders Bombing of Afrin in new Outrage)

victims of Erdogan’s war crimes in illegal and genocidal invasion of Afrin

The Kurdish language Hawar News reported that more than 2,350 civilians have been arrested by the Turkish troops since they occupied Afrin region over 7 months ago, adding that the fate of a sum of 835 arrested civilians, including 139 women, is still unknown.

Hawar news further said that the Turkish soldiers and their allied militants have, thus far, cut over 9,000 olive trees and have set ablaze to over 5,000 hectares of forests, adding that Afrin’s historical artifacts and sites have been plundered by the Ankara forces since occupation 7 months ago.

It went on to say that the Turkish units destroyed tens of power transmission masts in main and subsidiary streets between Mobata and Shih regions and stole power transmission cables in the last two days.

Hawar news reported on Thursday that the Kurdish forces attacked one of the strongholds of Firqat al-Hamzeh terrorist group in the village of Kimara in Shirawa region, killing 4 of the militants and wounding 3 others after severe clashes.

Defeated but defiant. Reports of massacres  by Turkish troops and  the mercenaries of FSA came from around Afrin  

Based on the report, the Kurdish forces also targeted a military vehicle of Fayalq al-Sham terrorist group in the village of Kafr Nabu in Shirawa, smashing the car and killing and wounding 5 Turkey-backed militants.

Also, during the Kurds’ operations against a military vehicle of Ahrar al-Sharqiyeh on the road linking to the village of Qazawiyeh in Shirawa, the vehicle was fully destroyed, 4 Kurdish controlled terrorists were killed and 2 others were wounded.

translated from KurdisCat.. shared with thanks.

Some of our comrades killed by ISIS in Deir Ez Zor

Some commentators have claimed the Kurdish led SDF does not want to finish off the army of ISIS which has retreated to the Iraqi border. This is an insult to our brave comrades, including international volunteers who have given their lives in the fight against the elite and well armed ISIS fanatics.  Details in an Anha report below.

Fierce fighting with ISIS elite in Hajiin, Deir Ez Zor, SDF advance carefully

Several days ago, strong clashes irrupted between the Syrian Democratic Forces(SDF) and IS mercenaries on all fronts along the eastern bank of the Euphrates River in Deir ez-Zor in the latest battle to defeat terrorism. SDF fighters are advancing carefully to ensure the safety of civilians.

YPJ fighters in the Jazeera Tempest campaign in Deir Ez Zor
20 Oct 2018, Sat – 12:47

Hajin is the last stronghold of IS mercenaries east of the Euphrates, after the fall of the capital of the Islamic caliphate al-Raqqa, which was liberated by the Syrian Democratic Forces almost a year ago. Hajin is located in the far west of the Syrian-Iraqi border, al-Sewsa in the east and al-Shafa in the middle they are related to al-Bu Kamal city of Deir ez-Zor, and adjacent to the Euphrates River, which is the dividing line between the east and south Euphrates, and the region is known for its population density, despite the narrowness of its area.

The areas where clashes are taking place between SDF fighters and IS mercenaries are al-Sewsa, al-Shafa and Hajin, distributed on several other axes, the fighters have distributed their points by their side. They are still occupied by IS mercenaries. In the north and east of Syria as these areas are witnessing the most violent clashes because IS mercenaries have been fortified in the area for four years.

Clean up of the eastern bank of the Euphrates River completed and heading towards Hajin town

During al-Jazeera Tempest campaign, which began on September 9 last year, the Syrian Democratic Forces managed to liberate dozens of villages and hamlets on the eastern bank of the Euphrates River and to clean up the Syrian-Iraqi border from IS mercenaries. The fighters of the Syrian Democratic Forces are heading for Hajin town, the last stronghold in northern and eastern Syria, and the last stage of al-Jazeera Tempest campaign, which is called the “battle to defeat terrorism.”

SDF is advancing in the last stronghold of IS mercenaries, amidst strong clashes

IS mercenaries are trying to block the progress of SDF in the region, especially Hajin town which is close to the fighters, by attacking SDF’s points of concentration with artillery, in addition to vehicles, cars and motorcycles.

Mercenaries have recently exploited the giant sandstorm that hit the region to attack, but SDF fighters responded to all those attacks on all axes, and killed during the clashes in the region dozens of mercenary elements.

Al-Bagouz axis as Hajin, there are violent clashes between SDF and IS on a daily basis, where mercenaries carry out suicide attacks with car bombs and explosive belts. The mercenaries were unable, despite all attempts to advance towards the points of SDF which killed dozens of IS mercenaries elements.

Extensive fortification in Hajin town by IS mercenaries

The towns bordering the eastern bank of the Euphrates River are the last stronghold of the mercenaries and the first towns they controlled, and they know that the last


They have fortified their strongholds well by digging tunnels, which are tens of kilometers long to move between the towns they control. In their tunnels, their weapons and vehicles, protect themselves from strikes of international coalition aircraft, and they ignite tires to jam the aircraft.

ISIS using  civilians as human shields has made the SDF fighters progress cautiously

These mercenaries who exploited civilians in other areas are now using civilians as human shields again in Hajin town . They also kill civilians trying to get out of the town and get to the safe areas liberated by the SDF.

Before the start of the battles the SDF had formed  “The Special Units for the Liberation of Civilians ” to open safe corridors for civilians in areas of engagement and to deliver them to  safe areas liberated by SDF.

For the sake of the safety of civilians, the fighters are advancing carefully, because, as campaign leaders say, protecting civilians is a priority in the campaign.

Engineering teams intensify work and clean the area of ​​mines

In addition to the Syrian Democratic Forces, the special engineering teams work to dismantle the mines planted by mercenaries, in order to block the progress of SDF. Since the start of the campaign to defeat terrorism, the teams have dismantled hundreds of mines planted in the main roads and sub-roads and even in the civilian houses.

Who is fighting in Hajin town?

The leaders of the first ranks of mercenaries who came from Western, European and Arab countries when Turkey opened the borders for them to cross into Syria, are all gathered in Hajin, al-Shafa and al-Sewsa.

They were defeated from all the areas they occupied in the Syrian north liberated by SDF, those who remain in the eastern bank of the Euphrates River, most of them foreign nationalities, participated in many battles, have a strategy in the fighting, and are planning attacks on SDF points of concentration.

What are the reasons for the campaign’s caution?

SDF’s Relation Office official , Redur Khalil noted that the campaign against IS in Deir ez-Zor will take longer than expected. The reasons for the campaign’s alert are several : the sandstorm since October 13 in the Deir ez-Zor which has been used by the mercenaries, and that the  mercenaries have dug many tunnels and fortified the areas they occupy. The mercenaries fight the Syrian Democratic Forces with mines as a weapon.

They have mined every place until they even mine the animals. The mercenaries are also using heavy weapons financed and supplied by some regional countries, the quality of which was not yet known to the Syrian Democratic Forces fighters. The mercenaries also emptied al-Sousse town of the local population and brought them to al-Shafa and Hajin to use them as human shields against SDF fighters .

   ANHA News shared with thanks.

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