Dawn Eviction Fails at ‘The Ungovernable’, Madrid Occupied Social Center

Mass Mobilization defends ‘The Ungovernable’ “We have stopped the eviction!”

Por IzquierdaDiario.es , translation The Free

Hundreds of activists concentrated at the doors of the Ungovernable to avoid the eviction of the Social Center by the “little trifachito”(Council)  headed by Almeida.

Due to the massive presence of people who concentrated so early in support of the Ungovernable, the judicial delegation informed us that the eviction could not be carried out.

A first win for the social movements of Madrid.

@CSIngobernable  #indesalojables.#NoNosVamosDesayunamos

The eviction of the CSO was planned, in principle, for September 2nd, but later it was known that August 28th would be the date chosen by the City Council to try to close the Social Center. Therefore,  the Assembly of the Ungovernable summoned all the social movements of the city to accompany them since last night.

At 00 hours on Wednesday, hundreds of people were already occupying the esplanade in front of the building, in anticipation of a vigil to maintain alertness. At 8:00 am more people began arriving for the #NoNosVamosDesayunamos ( We Wont GoWe Breakfast) call and the day was taking color with the song of “Whoever’s in Government the Ingo defends itself”.

During the summer, the right wing media had launched a media campaign of harassment against the social center, seeking to prepare the ground for an eviction that is opposed by all Madrid social movements.

Not surprisingly as The Ungovernable has become one of the meeting places of multiple groups and a reference space in the fight against real estate speculation that has been ravaging Madrid for decades.

Because of this, the City Council is trying to show that it will not back down when it comes to ending “La Ingo”, even if it has to resort to police violence.

Assembly at the Ingo

The harassment policy towards the Ungovernable began with the previous government of Manuela Carmena, and now deepens with the arrival of the triple coalition to the City Council.

The answer is still mobilization and self-organization. This first eviction attempt has failed, but they will return. It will be necessary to remain on alert and continue mobilization.

La Ingobernable se defiende: «¡Hemos parado el desalojo!»

Por Izquierda Diario

#NoNosVamosDesayunamos #indesalojables 

Cientos de activistas se concentraron en las puertas de La Ingobernable para evitar el desalojo del Centro Social por parte del “trifachito” encabezado por Almeida.

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