Ecuadorian Trump-IMF puppet president runs away

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This 8 October 2019 video says about itself:

Ecuador: Indigenous activists block roads to protest Moreno’s economic package

Indigenous activists blocked several streets in Quito on Monday, demonstrating their rejection of the economic package announced by Lenin Moreno’s government.

Footage shows the activists from indigenous communities in the Guangopolo area east of Quito blocking roads with rocks, stones, tree trunks and barricades.

“Our comrades are coming from the south, from the north, from the centre; from the east and, [with them] comes the seizure of Quito. Comrades and [I give you] a suggestion, get water and food supplies,” said indigenous leader Sebastián Correa, adding, “we are willing to give our life.”

Streets surrounding the civic centre of the locality also remain without commercial activity, blocked off by fences and barbed wire. …

Ecuador is experiencing a wave of protests triggered by the announcement of the so-called ‘paquetazo’, a series…

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