Rojava Invasion : War Rages with Heroic Popular Resistance: Live Updates 11 Oct

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International Call: Rise Up, Defend Rojava!.. .ANF NEWS DESK

see also:

The SDF coalition of militias, of Rojava/Autonomous Administration(AA) though 70,000 strong, are facing a giant 639,551.[8] strong modern NATO army , led by an openly fascist, racist, misogynist and mass murdering expansionist regime, as being illustrated daily  in Afrin,  which in principle should destroy them in days.

The SDF has very few armoured vehicles, tanks or heavy artillery and of course no air force at all, while Turkey is the second biggest NATO force with tens of thousands, now poised to take over Rojava and northern Syria.

21:41 10 Oct 19:Fighting resumes between Manbij Military Council fighters and the occupation forces in Ceblê, Hemra, Til Torîn and Boxaz villages of Manbij that were attacked with heavy weapons. Manbij Military Council fighters are retaliating in kind.

Most of Turkey’s weapons are US, and there are no restrictions, so in replacements the US, and personally Donald Trump, stand to gain a bonanza from a genocidal massacre they permitted, and could have prevented with just 1000 of their million strong military.

The SDF should therefore probably go for a guerilla resistance from the beginning, as any set battles in the open countryside could be suicidal. However this is do or die for them, and for their amazing human revolution. Everything else has been tried. There is no other choice but total resistance.

Another tactic then may be to extend the battlefield, on all levels.. all the long border, in Afrin, in Iraq, in Iran and across Europe and the world, with all, including me and hopefully you, resisting at their own level.

Rise Up For Rojava !

  • @RojavaNetwork+++Turkish occupation army has captured the village “Bir ‘Ashiq”, east of the city Girê Sipî.

    10 Oct ’19 A Civilian victim in Qamislo of Erdogan’s terrorist invasion of Nth Syria
  • @RojavaNetwork    SDF Military source: “SDF stunned Turkish forces and confused them by extending the front line to 650 km while Ankara planned to 80 km, so the SDF opened more than eight battle fronts while the Turkish army planned one.”
  • @RojavaNetwork       Afrin Liberation forces: “A convoy belonging to the Turkish occupation army were targeted in Afrin, casualties unknown, at the same time our forces has eliminated four and wounded two Turkish-backed militants”
  •  @RojavaNetwork  +++People protection units (YPG) has infiltrated in the city Cizre (Cizîr) in Turkey. YPG has raided and surrounded a police station, clashes continue. #Twitterkurds #Rojava #SDF #Turkey #TSK #Syria

International reactions have been almost unanimous but not concrete. Only Qatar and  Spain have supported Erdogan with their aggression. The USA has remained erratic. Trump has assured that he will not accept Erdogan’s inhuman action and threatened with “more than just sanctions.”

At the same time, he said he did not care if the 10,000 prisoners of the Islamic State escaped as they would go to Europe and not the US and that the Kurds “fight for their land”, so it was not a problem with the U.S.“They did not help us in World War II nor in Normandy,” said the ridiculous Republican president. In the US, a bipartisan proposal (Democrat and Republican) has been presented by congressmen and senators to approve economic sanctions against Turkey for aggression.Most states have opted for silence or verbal convictions such as the EU, Germany, Egypt or Saudi Arabia.Finland has announced that it stops selling material that can be used militarily, mainly iron and steel. The Netherlands has called on the Turkish ambassador to consult and has called a parliamentary session to approve sanctions against Erdogan.

The French state, with troops in the region, for the moment it is unknown where they are, has organized a meeting between E. Macron and a Kurdish delegation. Former President F. Hollande has been more specific and has called for immediate sanctions against Erdogan.

Iran has recommended that the Self-Government of the North and East Syria be submitted to the Syrian government of Assad, but Aldar Xelîl, representative of Rojava, has stated that Russia has blocked any possible agreement with Damascus.

Surprisingly the Syrian government has not made any statements about the Turkish entry into its territory and the air and ground bombardments. ‘

translated from Kurdis Cat

    • Bombing and shelling let loose along the whole border.
    • To bomb Rojava Erdogan certainly has the key Airspace Use Permission from the US, making Trump a direct War Criminal.
    • Turkey has also let loose its paid jihadi mercenaries who are attacking  the Kobani area, hoping to murder, loot and rape.
    •  Turkish aggression on Gire Spi killed a couple in the village of Mikalta.
    •   Turkish jets strike the vicinity of al-Chirkin prison in Qamishlo where ISIS prisoners are held. Mustefa Bali, head of SDF Press Office, said the place is where the most dangerous jihadists are held.
    • Rumours say that Turkey will use the same tactic as in the Afrin invasion. That is to prolong a massive bombardment to make the surviving people flee, never to be let return,  before setting up military bases. Ethnic cleansing has already begun.
    •  While the attacks continued around the city of Sêrikaniyê with mortars, Sêrikaniyê Military Assembly forces responded. There are thousands of civilians in the city, children, old people, this is pure fascist terror . Al-Nusra gangs and the Turkish army are heavily bombing Serekaniye from three sides. The occupation forces attempt to enter the area amid intense artillery fire. On Thursday large numbers of Turkish paid jihadi mercenaries joined the assault on Serekaniye, but were defeated with very heavy casualties.

CNT union: Spain must end relations with Turkey

CNT warned that “the life of our partners and our international partners, who have joined their fate to that of the local population is in danger because of the Turkish attack”.


  • 10:50  Internet cut off in Serêkaniyê where violent clashes are taking place.
  • 10:49  Warplanes belonging to the invading Turkish army are bombing around Girê Spî.
  • 10:46  After the Turkish state launched an invasion of Kurds, the Arab League decided to call an emergency meeting on Saturday.
  • At the request of Egypt, the Arab League Foreign Ministers will meet in Cairo on October 12 to discuss the Turkish attack on Syrian territory, said Husam Zaki, Deputy Secretary General of the Arab League.

  • 10:40  The invading Turkish army continues military deployment to the border. Many armored vehicles and construction equipment and ammunition are transported to the Suruç district of Urfa.
  • The gendarmerie set up checkpoints at the entrance of the district of Suruç Aligör, while police checkpoints have been set up in Suruç.
  • Vehicles are stopped and searched while vehicles’ license plates are recorded and released.
  • 10:27  Warplanes of the invading Turkish army are flying over Girkê Legê.

  • 9 OCT
    • 21:08Clashes with heavy weapons continue at Qamishlo border. The Turkish army continues with mortar attacks against the city center, leaving some civilians wounded.21:00Agression on Bisheriya neighborhood of Qamishlo left 25-year-old Syriac woman Juliet Nikola and 37-year-old Fadi Hapsono heavily wounded. The ongoing bombardment has caused fire in some houses.20:45 SDF: Three of our fighters and five civilians have been martyred. 20:44 Turkish army and allies are heavily shelling the Qamishlo and Gire Spi city centers. 20:38 SDF fighters have destroyed a tank of the Turkish army at Derik border. 20:15 The invading Turkish army is shelling the village of Sülük in Kobanê with howitzers. SDF forces are responding. 20:13 Violent clashes reported between the occupying Turkish state and SDF fighters in Eyn Dîwarê, a district of Derik.

  • 20:07Upon hearing that the Turkish state launched attacks on Rojava, the Kurds and their friends living in the Swedish capital Stockholm stood up for the defense of Rojava.
  • 19:55Warplanes belonging to the invading Turkish army are bombing around Girê Spî. Movement of warplanes continues in the region.
  • 19:46  A civilian was killed and 1 injured in the attack of the Turkish army against the Syrian and Assyrian neighborhood of Bêşiriye in Qamishlo.

  • 18:32 In Dêrik, the people protested the Turkish state’s invasion of northern and eastern Syria. People marched chanting slogans on the streets of the city.
  • 18:27 While the attacks continued around the city of Sêrikaniyê with mortars, Sêrikaniyê Military Assembly forces responded. There are thousands of civilians in the city.
  • 18:23 A 6-year-old boy in the village of Sê Girka in Qamishlo was wounded during the attack of the occupying Turkish state. In the same area, the Turkish army shot a vehicle belonging to civilians.

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