Families of 15 abducted Sahrawis demand from Morocco to reveal their children’s fate

Note> Armed resistance continues to the Moroccan occupation of UN recognised Western Sahara. However in a cynical move the USA has recognised Moriccan sovereignty over the country, in exchange for Morocco recognising Israel. With US control over the world financial system this could finish off the tens of thousands of Sahrawi refugees still camped in the desert.

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SPS 26/12/2020 – 08:37 from Sahara Press Service shared with thanks

Occupied El Aiun, 26 December 2020 (SPS)

– The committee of the families of the 15 kidnapped Sahrawi people has attributed, to the Moroccan occupation authorities, the full and direct responsibility over the disappearing of their children since 25 December 2005, demanding that they reveal where they, as well as the other missing Sahrawi people (victims of forced disappearance) are detained.

Sahrawi Refugees

According to a statement reported Thursday by Saharawi media and released to mark the 15th anniversary of their disappearance, the Committee states that the dismissal of the complaint, lodged by the families against the Moroccan Navy and the Gendarmerie, made Moroccan justice an accomplice.

Moroccan justice has filed the complaint against unknown per

Print - 'End Morocco's 40-year occupation of Western Sahara', refugees pl

Sahrawi refugees.. ‘End Morocco’s 40-year occupation’

sons, instead of filing it against the military authorities, contrary to the wishes expressed by the families in the statements made when the complaint was filed, according to the statement.

“In the face of the refusal and the connivance of the Moroccan judicial system and the institutional violence committed by the occupation State against the families of the disappeared, the Committee reiterates its commitment to the right of families to lodge complaints before the various courts and the competent judicial bodies.”

Western Saharan refugees face looming food shortage, UN agencies warn in  appeal for donor support | | UN News

The League said these criminal attacks targeting Western Sahara people in the occupied territories were evidence of a systematic policy aimed at the extermination of the Sahrawis. (SPS) 


Western Sahara

In many ways, this is a territory that under other conditions would already be an independent state and a full member of the United Nations.

Colonized by Spain in the 19th century, in the 1960s the United Nations called for it to be able to exercise its right to self-determination. However, this was strongly opposed by neighboring Morocco and Mauritania, both of which laid claim to parts of the territory.

They referred the case to the International Court of Justice, which found that neither, in fact, had a historical claim to Western Sahara. In early 1976, Spain withdrew from the territory.

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And on 27 February 1976, the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic (SADR) was proclaimed. However, sovereign statehood was thwarted by Morocco and Mauritania, which occupied the territory.

Although Mauritania departed a few years later, to this day Morocco remains in control of two-thirds of Western Sahara; despite the fact that its claim to that territory has not been officially recognized internationally.

How Morocco Censors Sahrawis - allAfrica.com

Meanwhile, a Western Saharan government-in-exile operates out of neighboring Algeria. According to an UN-brokered agreement, the territory is meant to hold a referendum on its future.

However, this has been continually opposed by Morocco and it’s unclear when the vote will be able to take place – if at all.

[19:53] – Les familles des 15 sahraouis enlevés exigent de l’occupation marocaine de dévoiler le sort de leurs enfants [19:39] – L’APLS cible des retranchements de l’armée de l’occupation par de violents attaques PreviousSuivant

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