3,964 DEAD. (update now 24,526 DEAD Sept ’21).. 162,610 Injuries (NOW 2,317,495): European Database of Adverse Drug Reactions for COVID-19

update 11 Sept 2021

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see update 7th April 20921 HERE https://wp.me/pIJl9-iYL


see update 7th April HERE https://wp.me/pIJl9-iYL

note: I have checked out these sites and they seem genuine. The links in the report show detailed figures now up to 27th March 2021 of nearly 200,000 adverse reactions, to get updates of the new deaths figures see below . (26th March)

I found this comment in Health Impact News on how to access the fatalities information in the EudraVigilance Database Reports :

”Brian-Admin March 25, 2021 at 7:44 pm – Reply .…. For each vaccine, you need to click on the tab: “Number of Individual Cases for a selected reaction.”
Then for each “reaction,” on the right side of the screen in the bottom (3rd) section, it will list “Fatal”. You have to do it for each reaction, which makes it tedious work. But it’s all there”.

This seems to be correct (March 27) the fatalities info is well hidden but does exist!. Perhaps because this Euro Agency exists to inform on adverse reactions not fatalities and doesn’t want to be seen as sabotaging the vaccine effort.

At the top of page see ‘Number of Individual Cases’ and see the last option on the right , (Tab 6, report 2) click on the little arrows >> and choose the middle option that appears which is ‘Number of individual cases for a selected reaction’. The correct page appears like this, and has a drop down menu,

Go through each option of the drop down menu in turn. On the right hand side of the page in the bottom box you can see the number of fatalities.

Adding them all up and then repeating from the start choosing the other vaccines you can get the total number of deaths.

... notes: the 27th March 2021 figures are now available on the EudraVigilance database and seem far higher, see HERE. The Russian produced vaccine known as Sputnik is NOT included in the statistics, which seems like political censorship. It has still not been officially approved by the EU due to heavy pressure from the US, but Hungary is using the vaccine, Slovakia has taken deliveries, and Italy is setting up production. It would be important to know the relative lethality of the various vaccines. For instance in the 13th March 2021 figures the total killed by Astra Zeneca was ‘only’ 451 while the Pfizer vaccine (which was used far more) had killed 2540 people. With figures on the total number of vaccinations for each vaccine type conclusions could be reached on the relative danger of Mrna vaccines , Pfizer and Moderna, and ‘traditional’ vaccines like Astra Zeneca and Sputnik.

Obviously the authorities must already have all this information and are withholding it ”for our own good” . But their morality is totally questionable. For example if they know one vaccine is much more dangerous but they happened to buy that one. Or the fact that vaccine reactions kill people from all age groups, including younger people who were never in any danger from Covid. Or that hiding info on vaccine reaction deaths has increased by $billions the profits of private production corporations. etc..

The New Dark Age

24 March 2021 — Health Impact News

[These figures are almost 2 weeks old, so the current toll has to be a lot higher. WB]


by Brian Shilhavy
Editor, Health Impact News

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