Saudi War on Yemen. 6 year Epic Failure: Riyadh’s colonial genocide enriches depraved USA and UK .. Video

6 years have passed already. Yesterday I saw an old map of North Yemen in the 1970s.. The borders were nearly identical to the Houthi held area today. So what went wrong? Yemen should never have been made into one State.

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The Houthis have their own ancient culture based in the high mountains, their own branch of Shia religion, and their own social revolution , called Ansarullah (Houthi is just the name of a leader).

All this is anathema to the House of Saud, who fear and brutally repress tribes of the same Shia variant (about 6 million) in Qatif in East Saudi, and indeed in the mountains just across the Yemeni border.

When Saudi Arabia chose Hadi to be President of Yemen (elected but he was the only candidate, and the ‘election’ legitimized continuing UN support for Saudi invasion) the Houthis (Ansarullah) rebelled, and when Saudi always refused negotiations war finally broke out.

‘We are witnessing an astonishing new level of human depravity in which the US sells $110,000,000,000 worth of arms to the terrorist  Saudi state while actively aiding it in bombing and starving it’s neighbours to death.

Today North Yemen remains unbroken despite starvation by total blockade and constant bombing by Saudis armed and trained by the USA and UK . Whereas the south is divided in Saudi, UAE and ISIS controlled areas, among others. President Hadi lives in Saudi, of course


Saudi War on Yemen. Six-year Epic Failure

By South Front via Global Research , March 23, 2021 shared with permission

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Six years of the Saudi-led war have passed in Yemen, and it keeps going with no sign of a peaceful solution on the horizon.

The “occasion” was “commemorated” with a briefing by Ansar Allah, or as they are popularly known – the Houthis. Some impressive numbers were shared.

Houthi spokesperson Yahya Sari said that the Saudi-led coalition carried out more than 266,150 airstrikes throughout these 6 years. The predominant number of those strikes targeted Yemeni citizens, homes, cities and other infrastructure.

On the side of the Houthis, at least 1,348 separate missile operations were launched, with nearly 500 being behind enemy lines on key military facilities of the Kingdom and the UAE. In total, the Houthi Air Force carried out 12,623 raids with drones. In 2021 alone, Ansar Allah has carried out 1,464 operations, including 124 attack operations, and the rest reconnaissance.Video: Renewed Saudi Air Strikes against Yemen. Houthi Drone Attacks on Saudi Airports

The Ansar Allah ground forces carried out 12,366 combat operations throughout the years. When it comes to losses, the Houthis didn’t share theirs. They claimed that over the 6 years, the Saudi-led coalition had suffered some significant losses. In total, more than 240,000 fighters were either killed or injured.

Houthis claim capture of thousands in Yemeni offensive | Financial Times

This includes UAE forces, Sudanese mercenaries, Saudi armed forces, as well as the troops of the Yemen puppet government.

As expected, the update focuses more on what the Houthis achieved and what Saudi Arabia has lost, but it has been an open secret that Riyadh’s intervention in Yemen hasn’t been a glowing example of success.

Yemenis Liberate Most Parts of Marib

Yemen’s Marib Offensive Born of Desperation, with No Sign Saudis/US Will Cease Their War

In just the past few days, leading up to March 22nd, the Houthis carried out a significant attack on Aramco oil facilities. A refinery was struck by 6 suicide drones. The Saudi Ministry of Energy claimed that the attack caused a fire that was “quickly” controlled by the refinery’s staff. Satellite imagery, however, showed the damage to be much more extensive than Riyadh let on.

An unidentified victim of the worst massacre so far.140 Yemenis were burned alive and more than 600 were wounded in the Saudi/US attack.

Saudi Arabia, on its part, released footage of its airstrikes on Ansar Allah in the Marib province. The videos presented 17 pinpoint airstrikes by Riyadh warplanes on vehicles and positions on several fronts of the province. The Saudi-led coalition also released a video showing precision airstrikes on a cave supposedly used by the Houthis to store suicide drones. It is purportedly located near Yemen’s capital Sana’a.

Fresh picture of the march against the Blockade. They still have to walk for 40K to arrive to #Hodedia..God with you guys#Yemen

In spite of these videos, and the Saudi attempt to present the situation in a somewhat positive light, the Saudi-led coalition has been slowly retreating in Marib.

Houthis kill and capture 'hundreds' of pro-Yemen government forces in  August operation

Six years of war have passed in Yemen, in which massive amounts of funds were “invested” by Riyadh to fight a war that it still can’t even go near winning.


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CommentSick or what!?

Is it GENOCIDAL for the USA to help Saudis make more than 266,150 airstrikes on their Houthi neighbours, and sell them the bombs for $110,000,000,000?? Or is it GENOCIDAL for the Chinese to provide work, health , education and suppression of Jihadi terror to the people of Xinjiang who lived under feudal poverty for 1000 years?

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