Athens,Greece Event: Procession for the Exarcheia area of Rebellion not Capital.

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Event: Procession for the Exarcheia of Rebellion not Capital. Day: 16/6/2021 Time: 19:30
Place: Plateia Exarcheia
Exarcheia does not only have a history, it has a present. And in this moment the neighborhood is a glimpse into the uprisings and repression, hope and battles captivating the world.
Exarcheia is not a museum to be showcased, a moment of fun had and discarded and certainly not a space for capitalistic efficiencies creeping need to devour.
On June 16th a roving group of tourists and “official, acceptable” Exarchions will showcase the neighborhood. The “troubled history” and it’s city sponsored rebirth. They will travel from Plateia to Messolongiou.
On that same evening, we call for a procession, not a rebirth but a procession to rip at the tentacles still clawing at the neighborhoods fabric.
We carry forward the strikes of the 16th against the dystopia of the “modern” city.
Tear the walls they build.
Stand on the subways they install.
Take whatever we can.
For the alternative Exarcheia of rebellion, not the alternative Exarcheia of capital and isolation.
*Music, Microphone in plateia before and after procession. We recognize that the strike may impact the event time. We will be around throughout the evening.


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