Biden Adds Two New Sanctions On Cuba


By Sam King

US president Joe Biden has just announced two additional sanctions against Cuba while still refusing to roll back a single one of the 243 additional economic sanctions enacted by Trump.

The new sanctions target the Cuban Minister of Defence and the Brigada Especial Nacional for their roles in dealing with the “peaceful” protests that took place in Cuba (and the US) on July 11. In reality July 11 saw a co-ordinated wave of protests (biggest in Miami) that, in Cuba, included violent attacks on supporters of the revolution, violent attacks on police, turning over cars and destroying buildings.

The provocations were aimed at provoking a violent response from the Cuban state that could be used to justify increase US attacks. They failed in this objective as the US mass media and anti-Communist twitter activists failed to produce any footage showing any police over-reaction or repression. Nor have…

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