More of us will die from the Vaccines than from Covid-19, or may do already!

The Free

We are constantly reminded that only a TINY MINORITY of people die after the Covid vaccination while they save MILLIONS OF LIVES. We know this is absolute HERESY but the moment has arrived when you can turn that on its head.

In fact we already have numbers, from VAERS official info, from studies approved in Nature, from countless brave banned or marginalized whistleblowers.

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It gets rapidly worse. As the vaccines wear off and longterm reactions set in.

Plus all those to be killed or maimed by the Booster, the 2nd booster, the 3rd booster, …

Okay so by now they admit vaccines don’t stop infection or transmission of Covid, and wear off fast, never getting to herd immunity.

But the assertion remains OFFICIAL POLICY that vaccines save millions more than they kill, and you can lose your job and your future by denying it!

so you MUST…

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