The Acorn 69-the Heart-warming Flames of Revolt !

The Free

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Number 69 .. In this issue:

  1. Refusing to play their game
  2. The heart-warming flames of revolt
  3. R is for Resistance
  4. Our Land Our Nature: The Marseilles Manifesto
  5. Cory Morningstar: an organic radical inspiration
  6. Acorninfo.

1. Refusing to play their game.

What happens when one small clique of people has accumulated enough money to buy pretty much everything and everyone?

The scenario will be a familiar one for anyone who has played Monopoly, the board game originally invented to warn against exactly this outcome.

As soon as one player has succeeded in placing hotels on several of the more lucrative districts, none of the other players stands a chance.

overturning moneylenders tables

Every move they make lands them in more trouble, owing huge amounts of money to the dominant party.

There is no way out. It is inevitable that they will eventually…

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