Kurdish singer Veysi Ermiş sentenced to a year and a half in prison for using the word “Kurdistan” in a song

On Monday, November 22, 2021
A Turkish court has sentenced Kurdish singer Veysi Ermiş to a year and a half in prison for using the words “Kurdistan” and “guerrilla” in a song.

Ermiş is part of the Mesopotamian Cultural Center (MKM), a space for the promotion of Kurdish arts that has suffered persecution and outlawing since it was founded in Istanbul in 1991.

The judge has suspended the sentence because the musician has no background but he warned that in Turkey, using these two words is tantamount to praising the Partiya Karkerên Kurdistan (Kurdistan Workers’ Party, PKK) and the Koma Civakên Kurdistan (Confederation of Kurdistan Communities, KCK).

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Original in Catalan

El cantant kurd Veysi Ermiş condemnat a un any i mig de presó per haver emprat la paraula “Kurdistan” en una cançó

a dilluns, de novembre 22, 2021 Un tribunal turc ha condemnat el cantant kurd Veysi Ermiş a un any i mig de presó per haver emprat les paraules “Kurdistan” i “guerrilla” en una cançó. Ermiş forma part al Centre Cultural de Mesopotàmia (MKM), un espai de promoció de les arts kurdes que ha patit persecucions i il·legalitzacions des que es va fundar a Istanbul el 1991. El jutge ha suspès la sentència perquè el músic no té antecedents però l’ha avisat que, a Turquia, usar aquests dos mots equivalen a lloar el Partiya Karkerên Kurdistan (Partit dels Treballadors del Kurdistan, PKK) i la Koma Civakên Kurdistan(Confederació de Comunitats del Kurdistan, KCK).

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