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Less than a fortnight into the opening performance of Covid the Deadly Serial Killer, every actor on the World Stage swore blind (an interesting term, that one) that Covid19 was the natural outcome of conjugal activities between bats, no known chemical formulation could stop the coming pandemic, vaccines were the only possible solution, and anyone suggesting anything different ought to be sectioned. Since then, the first assertion has come to be viewed as exceedingly dodgy, the second an unvarnished lie, and the third thus compromised.

By April 2020, it was clear from French research conducted by Didier Raoult that the HCQ + Zinc cocktail long proven to be safe and effective in the treatment of malaria was producing spectacular results among early-diagnosed C19 patients. Since that time, alarmist, badly written and vitriolic articles have been heaped on Raoult’s head.

Perhaps they’re right: perhaps British “researcher” and now Knight of…

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