Health Experts Say Omicron is a “Natural Vaccine”- No Need for Boosters!


Breaking News Health Experts Say Omicron is a “Natural Vaccine”, No Need for Booster Jabs.

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Some scientists are warning that pushing for a fourth Covid-19 vaccine booster shot is a mistake as it will prevent people from developing any form of natural immunity.

Professor Ian Jones, a virologist at the University of Reading, alluded to the fact that catching the new Omicron variant is better than getting a vaccine, as the strain functions like a “natural vaccine.” The new variant is reportedly too mild to cause any real harm other than a few sniffles and a snotty nose but generates enough antibodies needed for lasting immunity.

Covid figures available on 23rd Dec 21 had just 40 deaths on English Death Certs, ZERO in Wales and no info for Scotland.…

The more jabs that people receive, the more difficult it will be for people to develop this type of natural immunity, even if their immune system still works post-vaccine, that is.

An estimated 3,270,800 people in England, or about 6% of the population on average, had Covid in the week ending 31 December. The week before the figure was about one in 25.

But the last Covid figures available, on 23rd Dec, had just 40 deaths on English Death Certs, ZERO in Wales and no info for Scotland.…

40 deaths is too many (though more may have died with flu if it wasn’t largely displaced by Covid: see Disappearance of influenza). Also the 40 Covid deaths on 23rd Dec should be seen in context of 13.014 deaths from all causes in the same week…

The ICU ‘s are virtually empty of Covid cases.. see Just ONE Omicron victim is in Scottish Intensive Care- out of 136,650- Snap out of Psychosis! ++ How to Beat Covid.

According to reports: “Some experts claim the benefits of extra jabs are minimal because their primary purpose – preventing deaths and hospitalizations – has barely waned after a year and several Covid variants, effectively meaning boosters are adding to an already high base level immunity.”

According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the Omicron variant now accounts for anywhere from 40 to 70 percent of all new cases of Covid-19.

However, it is worth noting that there is no way to test for the new variant, as it has never been isolated in accordance with Koch’s postulates. Despite this, governments around the world claim that Omicron is spreading like wildfire.

Additionally, the vast majority of cases are occurring in the fully vaccinated, suggesting that unvaccinated people are either already immune or are not rushing to get tested at the first sign of a cold.

Therefore, people should really not be worried about the new variant, which could in fact help us out of this “new normal” once and for all.

Professor Jones said that future variants after Omicron “may be even milder.” Therefore, if governments and people act sensibly and use common sense (if that is a thing that still exists in 2022, then they would bring an immediate end to the pandemic and all covid restrictions.

Dr Simon Clarke, a microbiologist colleague of Jones, added that he “can’t see” governments promoting covid vaccines for much longer, based on the data.

“Although after two-and-a-half months, immunity starts to wane, that doesn’t mean it drops below being extremely effective,” Clarke contends about the injections.

“We can only get that long term data over the long term, there’s no crystal ball with this,” he added. “We just don’t know what the optimum strategy is.”

scapegoat omicron
scapegoat omicron

Other epidemiologists say that trying to continue injecting people every six or even three months is a “daunting prospect” that is unrealistic and probably highly ineffective anyway.


Covid may be over but some reports and studies, mostly suppressed like those cited below, predict a wave of long term adverse reaction deaths and opportune infections and diseases, caused by destruction of Natural Immunity by the waning vaccines. Predictions estimate the end of Jan 22 for average ZERO IMMUNITY, though that may be delayed some months by boosters. If this happens one indicator could be the EXCESS DEATHS statitics.


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