Baltic-Black Sea Axis: military union of Britain, Poland and Ukraine amid racist anti-Russian hysteria

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Poland sides with anti-Russia hysteria

British C-17s carrying arms to Ukraine fly around German ...

British C-17s carrying arms, troops to Ukraine fly around Germany … ‘The British Upper Class has a long-standing visceral hatred of all things Russian, while the latest events in Poland make it clear that racist nationalist anti-Russian hysteria coupled with spy mania and denial of the holocaust has become official government policy”.


Alliance of Ukraine, Poland and UK: Kyiv supports expansion of Baltic-Black Sea axis


See: Ukraine is linchpin in new Intermarium project to drive Russia out of Europe, Caucasus – Polish FM:

“Our state is creating new alliances and actively forming a new architecture of global and regional security. The Crimea Platform, the Lublin Triangle with Poland and Lithuania, the Associated Trio with Georgia and Moldova, Quadriga with Turkey – these are all completely new instruments, thanks to which Ukraine emphasizes its leadership role and increases our authority in the world arena.

Three Seas Initiative: latest phase of Intermarium project to cordon off Russia from Europe


According to the Ukrainian Foreign Minister, the idea of the Baltic-Black Sea axis has long been present in Ukraine’s foreign policy, and the union of Britain, Poland and Ukraine could expand it.

Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba spoke in support of Ukraine’s military-political union…

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