Who Is the Terrorist?- Tessa fights Robots

No, really.

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You have probably seen this terrorism advisory that the DHS issued on February 7:

The Science

And, granted, interpreting bureaucratic language is an art of its own—as they like to sound dramatic to increase their funding and general glory—but in the current environment, this sounds like a formal attack on free speech, and it is entirely unAmerican, if we are to take the “American values of democracy and free expression” at face value. (And yes, it’s healthy to snap out of the 2022 “standards” and remember 2019 and the original Normal, imperfect as it was.)

It is now an act of terrorism to scrutinize or criticize government policies or pharmaceutical products made by a private company?

Is it an act of terrorism to expose or decry the corruption of regulatory agencies?

Where, in the proverbial North Korea, or here in America?

Oh my.
A Russian Brezhnev era joke comes to mind:
Time Magazine, February 21, 1964 (yes, before Reagan)

A Russian asks an American:

“So when you say Americans are free, what do you mean?” “Well, in America, you are free to walk up to the White House and say, “Reagan sucks!”

“So what,” says the Russian. “We here can walk up to the Kremlin and say, ‘Reagan sucks!’”

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So in that spirit, let me ask, who is the terrorist here?

Here is a list of a few potential candidates, please make your pick.

– People who don’t quite trust the pharmaceutical industry

– Activists advocating for protecting the American citizens from corporate fraud or government overreach

– Legal and medical experts who believe that the official data is cooked and demand an investigation

– Lawyers suing government agencies over COVID injection mandates

– Citizens who believe that the U.S. Constitution is legally binding

– Medical doctors who have successfully treated thousands of COVID patients and who are now trying to share their experience

– Medical doctors who have seen a lot of adverse reactions to COVID injections in their patients, and who feel morally obligated to speak up

– Journalists who do actual journalism

– Individuals who have sponsored, supported, promoted, and then covered up the gain-of-function research that likely resulted in the artifact of synthetic biology that we got to know as “SARS-CoV-2” (including the individuals identifying as “the science”)

– Teams of people in different influential positions who have developed and pushed through a campaign of terrorizing American citizens with 24/7 wall-to-wall advertisements of paralyzing fear, and who have been shaming people for things like coming close to their parents or hugging their kids

– People in positions of power who have made sure that COVID patients are not treated with anything until they can barely breathe—and then get “treated” strictly with things that don’t work

– Medical boards revoking the licenses of doctors who have deviated from using strictly the things that don’t work to treat their COVID patients

– Certain governors who have obliged nursing homes to take active COVID patients

– Hospital staff who let COVID patients rot in isolation—often unattended and sometimes unfed—and who did not allow family members to come in and check on their loved ones

Hospitals staff who sadistically refused to dispense medications that the patients and their families desperately begged for, even though said medications had been prescribed by their primary physicians

– People at Pfizer who have seemingly cooked their trial and clinical data

– People in official positions who “la la la” everyone over thousands and thousands of reported adverse reactions and deaths in very close temporal proximity to COVID injections, even though it is their direct professional duty to investigate every such case to make sure that the product doesn’t need to be recalled

– People who mandated masks on toddlers’ faces even though toddlers are known to be at a low risk from COVID and at a high risk of decreased cognitive and emotional development due to masks

– People who printed so much money (for the enrichment of the already super rich) that if this entire thing doesn’t collapse, it’ll be a miracle of nature

Who Is the Terrorist?

I don’t know about you but to me it seems like the people at the top of the list aren’t terrorists.

I’d like to end this story with a reference to an article that I wrote earlier about the anatomy of deceit and “pandemic terrorism.”

Because it’s not the dissidents who have been terrorizing us, it’s been… the other ones.

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