‘Freedoms Bill’ in UK is for bosses, asset strippers, money launderers, property developers and oligarchs -By George Monbiot

The Free

Grenfell Tower fire protest - ABC News (Australian ...

11th February 2022

Freedom for the builder is jeopardy for the residents. Freedom for the boss is exploitation for the worker. Freedom for the driver is death to the pedestrian. Freedom for the food business is sickness for the consumer. Freedom for the water company is rivers full of sewage. Freedom for the oil company is an uninhabitable planet’.

It’s not us the government intends to liberate. It’s the asset strippers, money launderers, property developers and oligarchs on whose behalf it operates., published in the Guardian 2nd February 2022

To adapt Ronald Reagan’s adage, the nine most terrifying words in the English language are “I’m from the government, and I’ll set you free.” Every time this government says freedom, it means freedom for someone other than you.

Seeking to distract us from his own pursuit of freedom during lockdown, this week Boris Johnson announced what he calls…

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