Covid Psychosis Unravels! // US Kids Go Wild as School Masks End // Sweden says it’s “Over”// Canada Provinces, UK and Germany to Dump now Insane Rules //

Kids Go Wild With Cheers When Learning Mask Mandates Are Over

Kids Go Wild With Cheers When Learning Mask Mandates Are OverFebruary 11, 2022Stop what you’re doing and watch this. Kids at a Las Vegas elementary school burst out into cheers after learning they no longer have to wear a mask to school

Canadian provinces lift COVID restrictions, as protests defy hysterical crackdown in Oregon …

TORONTO — A rapidly growing list of Canadianprovinces moved to lift their COVID-19 restrictions as protesters decrying virus precautions kept up the pressure with truck blockades …

UK Looking at Dumping Its remaining COVID-19 Restrictions

February 7, 2022The COVID-19 experimental jab has been an utter disaster, and government officials in the U.K. are rushing to figure out what to do. The experimental gene therapies not only are not working, but are making the situation far worse, the narrator of…

4 friends celebrate end of Swedish Coronavirus

Sweden Declares The Pandemic To Be “Over” — Rights and Freedoms

BY TYLER DURDEN WEDNESDAY, FEB 09, 2022 – 12:43 PM Authored by Paul Joseph Watson via Summit News, Sweden, a country which never imposed significant lockdown measures, has officially declared that the COVID-19 pandemic is “over” and announced that it will be lifting all remaining restrictions. “As we know this pandemic, I would say it’s […]

A sign advising the requirement of 2G, a Covid-19 vaccine or recovery proof, outside a store on Alexanderplatz in central Berlin.

Germany to end most now ‘idiotic’ COVID-19 curbs

Germany was on the point of following Austria in a mandatory vaccination totalitaritian war measure When Omicron arrived they postponed the crackdown due to “technical reasons”. With ever mounting demonstrations and now Convoys the mandates are suspended and the end of all the severe restrictions is urgently plasnned.

Countries like Ireland, Sweden, Norway, Israel, the Czech Republic, the United Kingdom, Spain and Denmark are all removing restrictions and mandates

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