Capitalism is working perfectly as it was intended to do

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It Works! Look around you, it has been a roaring success.

       There are those who say “capitalism isn’t working”, this is flawed analysis, capitalism is working perfectly as it was intended to do, create vast wealth for the few at the expense of the many.

The proof is every where, vast luxury million £ yachts, private jets, luxury mansions and an abundance of billionaires, side by side with millions living in poverty and destitution, bloody wars where the many shed their blood so that the rich and powerful can keep their power and privileges. The economics of the insane.

           To be living under the yoke of this exploitative capitalist system is to be in a state of perpetual war.

Even if we submit subserviently to the dogma of the system, we fight to have a decent standard of living. If we resist the continual onslaught on our living standards and our freedoms, we are engaged in a constant battle.

Human decency and justice are incompatible with the drive and desires of the corporate capitalist system, greater production, consumption and ever growing profit.

Somehow this seems acceptable, and war in some shape or form is normalised into everyday life.

Co-operation and mutual aid are replaced by competition. Make it big, get very rich, become a celebrity and somehow you are applauded, struggle with your daily life and you are not worthy of recognition.

Your quality of life is dependent on wealth and wealth is gained by exploitation, a constant system of battle to gain over the other. A constant state of war, in some shape or for, seems to make it much easier to accept the bloody wars created by the system as it tries to dominate resources to continually grow its wealth, power and privileges.

Only when we replace this system of insane economics will we be able to live in peace, building a world on mutual aid, co-operation and respect for all life, only then will we be able to see to the needs of all our people, without the need for competition, exploitation, power, privileges and obscene wealth. 

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“He who is not armed dies…and he who does not die is buried alive: in prisons, in reformatories, in suburban hideouts, in – bought on credit – fully equipped modern kitchens and palatial bedrooms.”

Ulrike Meinhof – RAF

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