Pentagon’s Brain Hijack project in Digitization of society: not Conspiracy Theory but a Terrible Reality.. March 15, 2022 By Rubén Alexis Hernández Arena, Translation /illustrations thefreeonline

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The advanced digitization-robotization of society, within the framework of the new world order in the process of consolidation, is a more than evident reality despite the fact that many citizens do not believe it that way, and even consider that it is a simple theory of conspiracy or something like that.

The digital-cybernetic society is here to stay unless hundreds of millions of people around the world react forcefully, and liquidate it together with the new corporocratic-totalitarian WEF world order.

A society that, if definitively materialized, would clearly be the most unequal, excluding, vigilant, controlling and oppressive in history, in which the elites in charge would try to reach the extreme of “merging” man with computers and other machines or devices (including the implant of microchips or nanochips), in order to “read” their thoughts, submit them to their will and therefore fully dominate them.

At this point, the economy is almost entirely digital, and soon cryptocurrencies will completely displace traditional money.

And soon, society will largely be totally influenced by digitization-robotization in all aspects of public and private life, according to what can be seen in the following texts, originating from sources that are not exactly ‘conspiracy theorist’:

“THE NATION ..Bill Gates anticipated what 2022 will be like and launched an alarming omen about the pandemic

Thu, Dec 30, 2021 3:14 AM .
Bill Gates talks about the trends that are coming for 2022

Just take my Microchip in the back of your hand, and you will be SAVED..

The computer trillionaire Bill Gates assured us that … “digitization is here to stay.” He says the consequence of the health emergency, the use of technology has expanded and highlighted the launch of Meta, the project of the owner of Mark Zuckerberg, to support his companies under the concept of the metaverse, which is known as the next generation of the Internet. For Gates, it is “a very useful development.”

“In the next two or three years, most virtual meetings will move from rigid images on computers to a 3D space with digital avatars,” he said, indeed the technology already exists.

Gates also said there will be a direct impact on lifestyle, citing the development of telemedicine as an example. ‘Telehealth is not new, but its popularity during the pandemic was. In the last two years we have seen more people opt for virtual appointments instead of in-person care,’ he said.

Gates always talks of “We”, in his imagination everyone has and will have computers, internet, plenty of digital money and access to doctors who work online.

For Gates, the field of advancement is very large. ‘We are only at the beginning of how software will be able to innovate. The more we use digital tools, the more feedback we will have to use them “better”,’ he remarked”. Jesus Diaz 03/24/2021


Pentagon plan to inject 80,000 million nanoparticles to read and control your brain

According to Sakhrat Khizroev, Elon Musk is wrong. It is impossible for us to access the brain with electrodes, connect it to machines efficiently, let alone unravel its secrets. The brain, says Khizroev, is too complex. And it seems that DARPA — the advanced research arm of the Pentagon — agrees with him (…).

Khizroev is an engineer and researcher leading a team of neuroscientists, physicists, chemists, biologists, and materials engineers in search of the holy grail of modern medical science: unlocking the secrets of the human brain and being able to communicate directly using a machine.

For this they plan to inject some 80,000 million nanoparticles to read and control the brain, although Khrizroev also says that they can be ingested with a glass of water. These nanoparticles — which he claims are completely safe for health and can be easily extracted — would bind to each and every neuron in the brain to communicate wirelessly with a machine.

If all goes as they think, Khizroev’s team says the project will be finished in just over three years.

These particles are 2,000 times finer than a human hair. They are called and are capable of receiving and emitting magnetic fields while electrically interacting with human cells.

Although they sound like science fiction, Khizroev has been using MENPs in disease research since 2010 (…).

The engineer of Russian origin affirms that the MENPs are the only way to be able to ‘talk’ to the brain and analyze its functioning accurately. “Other efforts use external instruments such as microelectrodes to try to solve the mysteries of the brain, but because of their complexity and difficulty, these methods are limited,” he says.

To be able to see the functioning of the entire brain in real time and interact with each neuron individually, you need a mechanism that connects to each of these neurons without any cables.

The BrainSTORMS project … The Khizroev team’s investigations have been successful enough to draw the attention of the Pentagon’s advanced research projects agency. DARPA is now funding its BrainSTORMS project, a system for communication between the human brain and computers using MENPs.

If successful, they will be able to use this system to interact with machines mentally, as if they were extensions of our bodies. And vice versa. DARPA not only wants this mechanism to serve people with illnesses or disabilities — to control things like robot arms or legs — but also so soldiers and pilots can control machines like fighter planes more efficiently than they can with their hands.

This is something that seems more like the plot of a science fiction movie like Firefox, that movie in which Clint Eastwood had to steal a Soviet plane that was flying controlled by the mind.

But the project is real. Right now it is in its second phase of execution and, as they say, they hope to complete it in 2024.
‘A revolution’

Khizroev’s team plans to inject the 80 billion MENPs into a person’s bloodstream, using magnetic fields to direct them to the brain.

Magneto-electric Nanoparticles Now Facilitators

There, they claim that each MENP will pair with a neuron. Once in position, the MENP will be able to “talk” to it by emitting an electrical signal to communicate information and receiving the electrical impulses that come from the neuron.

Communication with the outside, according to Khizroev, will be carried out using the other fundamental characteristic of the MENP: these nanoparticles can emit and receive magnetic signals.

Brainstorm – CODAworx

Using a helmet with magnetic transducers, Khizroev’s team ensures that a computer will be able to monitor the activity of each of the 80,000 million MENPs in real time and, in turn, be able to transmit information to them.

If they are successful, BrainSTORMS hopes not only to be able to establish two-way communication.

They also believe that they will be able to map the functioning of the brain, which will give us the key to advance the field of neuromorphic computing. That is, computers that work as efficiently and quickly as the human brain.

“We will finally be able to understand how the computing architecture of the brain works,” says the scientist. And at the same time, this knowledge will allow us to do things that can only be imagined with the most advanced supercomputers.

Khirzoev states that this is only part of what they think they will be able to do with the MENPs (…)

The Pentagon’s obsession with the Brain The Pentagon has over 1000 BILLION dollars a year to spend, much of which just goes missing in an ‘Accountancy Black Hole’,

DARPA spends just a fraction of its billion dollar budget on the BrainSTORMS project. This is only part of his Brain Initiative, a megaproject of the US government to unravel the secrets of the brain that began in 2013 under the mandate of Barack Obama.

DARPA Researching Mind-Controlled Troops Connected to …

Its objective is to map the human brain and be able to exploit its full potential in different fields, from the medical industry to the military.

A glance at his list of Brain Initiative projects produces an odd mix of dread, hope, and schoolboy excitement. In fact, most of them sound like Marvel superhero movie plots and not actual scientific research projects.

Apart from BrainSTORMs, there is ElectRX, a project that seeks to use devices for the neuromodulation of the functions of the different human organs. Its goal is to make the body’s healing mechanisms more effective. It is a kind of self-healing in the style of Wolverine powers.

Another, the HAPTIX system, seeks to give the power of touch to people who do not have limbs and use mechanical prostheses, like Luke Skywalker in Star Wars. Here the plan is to put in modular implants to transmit electrical impulses that the brain would interpret as a sensation of touch.

But what’s even scarier is the RAM project, which is a play on words between computer memory and Active Memory Restore.

According to DARPA, this program “seeks to develop and test a neural interface for the formation of new memories and access to existing memories in those individuals who have lost these abilities as a result of brain injury.”

This, like the BrainSTORMS project and the rest, sounds fantastic until you realize that it could be part of the plot of Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

In that film, a company offered the possibility of erasing painful memories in order to be happy.

Or Total Recall, in which they implant memories of events that have never happened.

The second part of that program — called RAM Replay — seeks to enable individuals to access lost memories with complete precision.

Perfect to remember any moment like in The Entire Story of You, the Black Mirror episode in which people could do a ‘replay’ of any moment of their lives” 2021-03-24/pentagon-darpa-brain-control-nanoparticles_3004028/

It is evident, for example, that the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the digitization-robotization of society, and that there have been official plans for a long time to virtually control the human brain, a process justified by only mentioning apparent future use with positive ends.

The realization of the digital-cybernetic society within the framework of the new world order is not a conspiracy theory at all; it is very real and its consequences would be increasingly shocking for humanity.

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