Ukraine military Launch Attacks after Major Peace Breakthroughs

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Ukraine has offered to become a neutral country with military defense guarantees from the UN Security Council states but without NATO bases. Russia would go along with the proposal and agreed that Ukraine could also join the EU.

As a goodwill measure Russia announced the reduction of forces around the capital Kyiv. US sources are furious and hoped to provoke a long and profitable war.

The partial withdrawal of Russian troops to the territory of Belarus was reported by local media.

#DONBASS 194 -29.03.2022 UPDATED: Heavy Fighting Reported. Russian Troops Moving Out From Kiev, Chernihiv (Videos)

UPD: Powerful explosions are reported throughout the Kiev region.

But peace did not break out. On the contrary. Immediately all hell broke loose with Ukrainian forces attacking with every force they have left, especially around Kyiv.

The Ukrainian AFU began to use Grad missiles en masse, to which the Russian forces responded with MLRS strikes. Local sources confirmed that Kiev has never known such a ferocious shelling with the use of MLRS.

Dozens of installations were involved, and thousands of rockets were fired. Fierce clashes continued near Irpen in the Kiev region.

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The Ukrainian forces attacked with little success. They have virtually no air force, no central command structure and no precision weapons that could hit Russian convoys.

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In response Russian missile strikes were reported in the vicinity of Kharkov, Kiev, Khmelnitsky. According to the latest data, in Khmelnitsky, the strike targeted a storage of fuel and lubricants and an airfield.

Ukrainian resources report that Russian troops opened fire on the AFU facilities in the Kharkiv region. It is reported that about 180 missiles from the Grad MLRS were fired at the positions of the AFU near the city.

Escalation is also observed in the Donbas, where fierce fighting has not stopped. In Mariupol slow progress was made against the last bastion of the Azov nazis.

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Some Details of proposed agreement

A member of the Kiev delegation , Alexander Chaly, commented on the legal aspects of the security guarantee system proposed by Ukraine as follows:

These are clear legally binding guarantees of Ukraine’s security, which in their content and form should be similar to Article 5 of NATO. That is, if Ukraine is the object of any aggression, military attack or military operation, we have the right to demand immediate consultations within 3 days.

If these consultations do not lead to any diplomatic solution to the problem, then the guarantor countries should provide us with military assistance and weapons. And even, it is not excluded, to close the airspace over Ukraine.

If we manage to consolidate these key provisions, Ukraine will be in a position to actually fix its current status as a non-aligned and nuclear-free state in the form of permanent neutrality, which has historically already been fixed in our Declaration of Sovereignty of 1990.

Under such guarantees, we will not deploy foreign military bases, military contingents on our territory, and we will not join military-political alliances. Military exercises on our territory will take place with the consent of the guarantor countries.

Crucially, nothing in the future treaty will deny Ukraine’s right to join the EU. The guarantor countries enter into commitment to facilitate these processes.

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Ukraine ready to fulfill key Russian demands – Moscow

Monday’s peace talks in Istanbul saw Kiev commit for the first time in writing to several key points Russia insisted on for good-neighborly relations, namely foregoing NATO membership and nuclear weapons, according to chief Russian negotiator Vladimir Medinsky, who himself was born in Ukraine. . 

While Kiev did not outrightly recognize the independence of the Donbass republics of Donetsk and Lugansk, and Crimea’s 2014 decision to rejoin Russia, Medinsky said that Kiev was willing to negotiate on those points. The Kremlin later said that Crimea’s status is not a subject of negotiations at all, explaining that it’s an internal part of Russia.

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