Most of those “sudden deaths” from Covid Vaccines go unreported by the media

My readers tell their stories of some fatal “vaccine” injuries that made no headlines

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Sudden Death In Young People After COVID Vaccination

From Recynd:

I have posted part of this story elsewhere, but I want to get the word out. My (half) sister’s mother suffered a cerebral thrombosis the day after her booster; during the surgery to remove the pinky-sized clot, she suffered two strokes.

She survived, but she is permanently and devastatingly disabled and will never again live independently. Three (four?) surgeons admitted to my sister that these events were most likely due to the shots (no duh), but not one of them reported it to VAERS (my sister did).

She was hesitant to get the shots, but got them at the insistence of her boyfriend.

Sudden Death After COVID Vaccination

During a routine pre-op physical to repair a hernia, it was ultimately discovered that my father, a spry and active 89-yo, suffers from “a-fib”; a condition he has never suffered previously. My dad got the shots (no booster that I’m aware of) because my mom thought it was a good idea. (I tried to warn them, but my views are “too extreme”.)

Had either my dad or my sister’s mother died, it would never make any newspaper except perhaps an obituary. I understand that every one of us will die, and that my dad and his ex-wife are old, but damn…that’s quite a coincidence.

My heart breaks for every victim…but especially for the young ones.


Sudden Death After COVID Vaccination

From Fast Eddy:

So far none of this is making a dent in the armour of the CovIDIOTS.

The common refrain I am hearing when I try to warn them is ‘We are boosted and the kids have had their first two shots – and we are fine – all our friends are fine – why is that you seem to know so many people who have these injuries?’

Sudden Death After COVID Vaccination

BTW – a good mate of mine here in Queenstown (32 – plays pro hockey in Europe in our off season) was coerced into the Pfizer — had one shot – and in the past 3 months has only left his flat to go to the Emergency or doctor. He finally got a referral to a cardiologist and was in Dunedin yesterday and he DM’ed me this:

She said she sees 4-5 patients a day at her clinic. All the same symptoms and she’s now starting to see older ppl get those symptoms too.

I brought him to the Emergency one time and the attending physician rang a cardiologist for advice and over the speaker I heard the cardiologist say ‘my phone does not stop ringing with GPs asking for treatment advice for young men with similar symptoms’

Sudden Death After COVID Vaccination

If you read incident reports or watch videos of vax damaged people almost all of them moan and wail about not having been informed these were possible outcomes…

Oh really? More likely they were warned – but they rejected the warnings with a ‘f789 off you anti-vaxxer wanker’ — got their shot then posted a selfie on Facebook.

Then when the freight truck ran them over they deleted the selfie and replaced it with a Boo Hoo poor me nobody told me and now I am f789ed.

Sudden Death After COVID Vaccination

From AL:

One of my good friends (we had lived across the street from each other for 15 years) died suddenly of a pulmonary embolism after having received 2 Moderna shots about 6 months earlier. She initially complained of extreme pain in her shoulder after the 2nd shot for about 2 weeks. About 3 weeks before her death, she argued with me on my front lawn about the shots’ safety, and particularly about blood clots and myocarditis. She said she did not want to hear another thing about it and that she was very happy with her decision and that she thought they were perfectly safe. She woke up one morning feeling fine. About an hour later, she complained that she suddenly felt extremely tired, then said she was having trouble breathing. She died about 20 minutes later.

Sudden Death After COVID Vaccination

From Another Worldview is Possible:

I’ve heard a RIDICULOUSLY improbable and aberrant statistic, from this past Summer from the ranks of the County’s Lifeguards. Apparently, as the story was relayed to me, by a Lifeguard who refuses the jabs – there were 14 heart attacks over this past summer, amongst LA County Lifeguards.

And all of them amongst the jabbed group – and within 2 weeks of a shot. While all survived, they were all long term or permanently injured. One guy (age unclear) had a full chest-splitter triple bypass.

A 31 year old female was given a one time $200k permanent disability payment – in exchange for the loss of a rewarding career, and potential to rise up through the ranks, and earn significantly more than that, in any case.

Sudden Death After COVID Vaccination

They all have great healthcare coverage, and good access to Emergency services, particularly while on the job – or the fatalities would certainly have been a non-zero number. And the high level of fitness amongst the victims probably played a large part in that, too.

Lifeguards are generally some of the fittest and most physically active of County Employees. As someone who has done the job – allow me to assure you, that Run-Swim-Runs are some of the most grueling workouts imaginable. They do those as training, and for qualification, both timed and competitively amongst each other. And then they do them while on the job, while making rescues, as well.

Many also participate in competition, and do peak physical output activities, outside of work, like triathlons and marathons, and surfing, as well. In my experience they tend to be far above average in the consciousness about health and exercise and diet. And there’s no historical precedent for this many heart attacks, within such a small cohort – and over so short a timeframe.

Sudden Deaths After COVID Vaccination

From Sanjoy Mahajan:

Last April, the father (healthy, 48 y.o.) of my daughter’s good friend from school died suddenly in his garden. It was 1 day after his age group (55 and under) became “eligible” as they say (as if it were akin to being an “eligible bachelor”). It happened in a city of jab fanatics, so my guess was that he had got his first jab the previous day and had a cardiac event or stroke. His obituary said that he died “of no known cause” — my first personal encounter with that phrase.

But none of the many other parents who knew him ever said anything about the likely cause. And 1 month later, when all their kids became “eligible” after the FDA/CDC criminally authorized the 12+ EUA, their kids got jabbed and were bragging about it to my daughter within days.

I eventually asked the mother of my daughter’s friend whether the jab might possibly be related. No answer, even though she had responded right away to my wife’s message of condolence. I tried again a few months later, suggesting a VAERS report if relevant, as it might help others to judge the risks. Still no answer.

Jonestown, where the CIA was developing its methods of mind control, seems like playacting in comparison to what is being done to the population now.

Sudden Deaths After COVID Vaccination

13-Year-Old Jacob Clynick Dies Less Than 3 Days After ...

13-Year-Old Jacob Clynick Dies Less Than 3 Days Afte

Sudden Death In Young People After COVID Vaccination

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Sudden Death After COVID Vaccination

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