“The lights are going out all over Europe,” with governments ARRESTING “vaccine” dissidents

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Virus truth leader Willem Engel arrested

A French lawyer working with Reiner Fuellmich has been arrested “on suspicion of terrorism and treason,” and a Dutch COVID dissident has been busted for “incitement”

Mark Crispin Miller Mar 28 2022 119 likes 55 comments

The same “free press,” and “liberal” masses, who’ve blown off as “vaccine misinformation” the unprecedented crimes against humanity committed by Gates/Fauci, and who applauded Justin Trudeau’s groundless slander of the truckers, and fascistic seizure of their funds (Trudeau’s admirers calling the truckers “fascists”), and who have now been laughing off the outright Nazis rampaging in Ukraine these past eight years (calling their atrocious record of 14,000 deaths“Russian propaganda”) —

–Those same “journalists” and “liberal” masses are perfectly okay with some of Europe’s “democratic” governments now arresting peaceful dissidents.

Reiner Fuellmich interviewed by Mike Adams: Covid crimes …

And, speaking of the truckers, MPP Randy Hillier has also been arrested, by Canadian police, for supporting that entirely legal, peaceful protest.

According to Hillier, he is being charged on three counts of counseling others to an uncommitted indictable offense, one count of obstructing a person who was aiding a public or peace officer, two counts of obstructing a public officer, one count of assault against a police officer and two counts of mischief to obstruct property greater than $5000 in value.


If there’s been any protest of that arrest, either by the press or “liberal” masses, I haven’t heard of it.

Thus, as ever, up is down, and black is white, and ignorance is strength, as Germany and the Netherlands slip back into their Bad Old Days—or lurch forward toward the global bio-fascist state envisioned by our overlords, with China as their model.

Virginie de Araujo Recchia, a French attorney living in France who is participating in the work of the Citizen Jury with Reiner Fuellmich, was arrested in her home at dawn on March 22nd in front of her children.

French Lawyer arrested for Treason after helping Reiner Fuellmich prove World Leaders have committed Crimes Against Humanity in the name of Covid-19

By The Exposé on March 24, 2022

One of the attorneys assisting Reiner Fuelmich in proving world leaders have committed crimes against humanity in the name of Covid-19, has been arrested in France on suspicion of terrorism and treason.

Things Get Serious: Dutch Critic Arrested

by Uwe Alschner, Children’s Health Defense Europe

March 19, 2022

Willem Engel is a scientist and one of the most prominent critics against the disproportionality of the measures against the so-called Corona pandemic in the Netherlands.

In addition to his Viruswaarheid site, which publishes information that critically examines and questions the narrative of the pandemic, Willem Engel has established a reputation as an activist on the streets as well as in the courtroom. In doing so, he may have caused some discomfort for Dutch Prime Minister Rutte, whose credibility is already severely tarnished.

One of Engel’s prior interviews:

Willem Engel Interview – The Fight For Freedom In The COVID Age & The Battle For Our Very Humanity (thelastamericanvagabond.com)

He’s also featured here:


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