Another Big Step Towards the Great European Butchery

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Western countries, which advocate a cessation of hostilities on the territory of Ukraine, continue to add fuel to the fire.

European countries, the United States and the United Kingdom have been pumping Ukraine with weapons for years. After the start of the Russian military operation, supplies continued in larger quantities.

Bucha update: Why did Ukraine dump 300 victims in Mass Graves- unidentified in rubbish bags and Ignoring their Families?

The Czech Republic has recently supplied Ukraine with T-72 tanks and armored personnel carriers. The Ministry of Defence acknowledged the supplies. A column of ex-Soviet Heavy Armored carriers was spotted moving out from Czechia.

This may be some of the Equipment that Germany has recently allowed the Czech Government to send to Ukraine.

In turn, Estonia has recently supplied Ukraine with another batch of military equipment, according to the ERR broadcasting portal.

The shipment includes anti-tank missiles, anti-tank mines, disposable grenade launchers, hand grenades, howitzers and ammunition. Helmets, bulletproof vests, communications equipment, drones, night vision devices, laser rangefinders, medical supplies and chemical protection equipment were also transferred to Ukraine.

According to the State Defense Investment Center of Estonia, 80 items of warfare equipment worth more than €220 million have already been delivered to Ukraine. The center is also holding a tender for €5 million for the supply of motor fuel to Ukraine.

Earlier, the USA approved the initiative of the Baltic States to transfer a large batch of American-made weapons to Ukraine.

At the same time, Germany reportedly banned Estonia from supplying Ukraine with weapons of its production. Israel has also banned the Baltic States from supplying any of its weapons to Ukraine.

The UK and allies also promised to supply more heavy weapons, long-range artillery, ammunition and air defence systems. Arms were sent to Ukraine by Germany, Sweden, Denmark and other countries.

Amid this backdrop, European Commission and the German leadership has announced an extension of anti-Russian sanctions. The decision was made following reports from Kiev about an alleged massacre in the town of Bucha. Any international investigation of the events in the Kiev region is yet to be launched.

Sanctions are expected to be imposed in the following areas:

  • A ban on imports of coal from Russia.
  • A ban on exports to Russia of semiconductors, computers, technology for LNG gas, and other electrical and transport equipment.
  • Bans on importing wood, cement, rubber and chemicals from Russia
  • Russian vessels and trucks would be prevented from accessing the EU with
  • A ban on Russian companies participating in public procurement in EU member states.
  • A ban on all transactions with VTB and three other Russian banks which have already been excluded from the SWIFT system

Formally, the sanctions are aimed at reducing trade between the EU and Russia.

However, an analysis of the substance of the sanctions indicates that they are not aimed at Russia but rather at the people of the European Union. A ban on coal imports, combined with a shrinking market for machinery, equipment and high-tech goods, will inevitably lead to a reduction in production in EU countries and, consequently, to jobs cut, along with a rise of inflation.

Thousands queue for food parcels in EU

These consequences are inevitable even if Russia does not impose retaliatory sanctions.

If the sanctions war continues to unfold at this rate, it will have catastrophic consequences for EU citizens, up to food shortages. Living standards and disposable income in the EU have already fallen significantly since the Corona crisis broke out.

Russia develops ‘unstoppable’ cruise missile …Russia cannot win a conventional war against the US and allies. But it is right now much superior in Nuclear hypersonic Weapons, making aircraftcarriers obsolete...

A question arises, why the European bureaucracy continues actions that will predictably worsen the economic and social situation in the region in the very near future.

It seems that the aim is to put EU populations in a desperate situation, where the only way out is an aggressive war for Russian resources, i.e. another “Crusade to the East “.

How a big war will be justified publicly is already evident from the current anti-Russian hysteria, fuelled in every possible way by the Brussels bureaucracy and the MSM.

All the EU’s problems will be blamed on Russians, who have inadvertently been given such rich territory and do not share European liberal values. The U.S. and the British Commonwealth will watch with enthusiasm for the great European butchery, which is, in all likelihood, inevitable.


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