Ruble gas payment Deadline Nears: G7 Countries may refuse to pay ‘On Principle’ – Europe to be ruined but ‘Biden is Laughing’ –

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European ruin will be a giant bonanza for the US gas and oil, industry

Following “illegitimate decisions” by several Western nations to freeze Russian assets, Putin ordered to accept payment for natural gas supplies to “unfriendly countries” only in rubles.


The G7 countries have agreed that they will not pay in rubles for the supply of Russian gas, as announced by the German Vice Chancellor and Economy Minister, Robert Habeck.

This is great news the US which has more gas and oil than it can use, (although it is fracked, wrecking the environment and leaking huge quantities of climate-destroying methane) and xcan sell it abt astronomical prices.

The official said that “all G7 ministers were in complete agreement that payment in rubles would be a unilateral and clear breach of existing contracts.”

European leaders appear convinced by hysterical 24/7 media hysteria portraying the limited Russian operation as some kind of Blitskrieg against civilians.

Rank Hypocrisy of European Refusal to Pay

The UN reports that up to 2000 civilians have been killed so far by the Russian bid to secure its borders in Donbass. Surely a great crime. But nearly 14,000 were killed so far by nazi-led attacks on Donbass by the openly nazi-led Rkrainian army– and no one protested for 8 long years.

If Russian gas is really boycotted in this way German industry will close down, according to all economic studies. However an exception could be made for the ‘NordStream One’ pipeline which is currently pumping flat out.

Such a catastrophe could lead to a huge and irresistible chain of tit for tat attacks ending in open NATO War on Russia, which would immediately go Nuclear as this is Russia’s only defense, and cause worldwide armageddon, likely killing you and me, and our friends and families..

Russia’s new air, sea, submarine and silo launched hypersonic missiles mean they would “win” a nuclear war, if that even matters with the planet left uninhabitable.

So far Slovakia and Hungary have agreed to pay in Rubles. It makes NO PRACTICAL DIFFERENCE – You pay in Euros as normal to a special bank which converts it into Rubles. –

What consequences will the transition from payments to rubles for Russian gas have and how is the world reacting to the decision?

For Russia it makes a big difference because buying billions of euros worth of Rubles makes their currency strong and creditworthy.

That’s why the dollar is the reserve currency and the US can borrow trillions of dollars and never pay it back. Even the threat of getting paid indirectly in rubles has made the Russian currency stronger than ever despite total sanctions.

Slovakia to pay for Russian gas in rubles

Putin’s demand for ruble payments? No way, say EU nations

Habeck said that “payment in rubles is not acceptable” and that the affected companies will be urged “not to follow the demand” from Moscow and that the EU is prepared for all scenarios.

The German chancellor, Olaf Scholz agreed

RUSSIA IS NOT GOING TO SUPPLY GAS FOR FREE..the spokesman for the Russian Presidency, Dmitri Peskov, said that “if the European Union refuses to make payments in rubles, Russia will not provide it for free.”

The payment date for most gas already supplied is 20th April 2022, but could be extended

Meanwhile, Ukraine’s Energy Minister German Galushchenko announced that Kyiv will not accept payment in rubles for the transit of Russian gas to the European Union.
Many European supermarkets are already affected by supply chaos

“We will not switch to the ruble. It is impossible. It’s hard. It is not a bilateral agreement. First, the Europeans would have to pay in rubles. Everything is connected,” Galushchenko said, threatening to refuse Ukraine’s main source of funds to spite Russia and rely on western handouts

“The West has really drawn a line under the credibility of its currencies, erasing confidence in them,” Putin lamented.

“It doesn’t make sense to supply our products to the EU and the US and get paid in dollars and euros,” he declared.

Likewise, he assured that Moscow will continue to supply gas to other states, in accordance with the volumes and prices stipulated. It’s not clear how this will be done through the same pipelines.

by Carlos Tena — April 13, 2022

It has been 48 days since Russia began its offensive in Ukraine. The negotiations, according to Putin’s latest statements, are not advancing and Russia is massing troops to continue its attacks.

If Vladimir Putin stops gas supplies to Germany or Berlin imposes an embargo on them, “the wheels of the German chemical industry will stop”.

All of this will also take place in the context of a large-scale transformation of production at the company, whose products the management wants to be climate-neutral, Brudermüller, head of BASF, explained.

ruin Economy’ Over Ruble

For this, the electrification of the equipment is carried out inside the enterprise. The BASF manager has always advocated the development of renewable energy sources. He wanted to be at the forefront of the green movement, as an approach like that gives the company an edge in the international market.

“The idiotic moralists” who condemn Russia’s military actions in Ukraine are capable of completely destroying the German economy,” said Brudermüller, who “lost patience” when he heard a well-known economist say that the gas boycott was acceptable.

German entrepreneurs are in real ‘physical pain’ imagining what Europe’s gas supply will look like in the future.

Instead of buying cheap Russian fuel, America’s methane-spewing frack gas will first be pumped to the coast via new and often resisted pipelines, then converted to a liquid form, then transported across the ocean in special tankers to Europe, then converted back to gas (but there are no conversion plants in Germany), and finally transported by new pipelines to the factories, in a laborious process.

European and German industries will feel the consequences of the Ukrainian crisis for a long time, even after the shooting stops.

The United States will be laughing as fracked oil makes it nearly self sufficient for the moment and consumers will receive gasoline for a sixth of the price that Europeans will pay.

The fighting in Ukraine threatens not only Germany’s gas supply and its relations with Russia, but also globalization, Brudermüller warns.

“Personally, I think what is happening is very worrying. The fact is that BASF represents one of the largest foreign investors in China, and our concern is increased because we planned to build a large production site there worth $10 billion.

G7 are “Unfriendly Countries” and must pay gas purchases in Rubles

This would be the largest single investment for the company. Now, due to US financial blackmail and China refusing to sanction Russia , the West perceives the Celestial Empire more and more as an adversary, which is why this project will also become political“, fears Brudermuller.

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